"Black Girl with Baby" - Damon Pablo
"Black Girl with Baby" - Damon Pablo

I would say that I’m a pretty mellow and easy-going guy. However as a street photographer, there are some things that really bug me or really annoy me. Hope you have a good laugh and can relate to these 5 things that piss me off as a street photographer.

1. Forgetting my battery/memory card at home

Where are you when I need you?

We have all experienced it as a street photographer one time or another in our lives. You go out, feeling fresh and ready to go out and take some photos. You walk around, and take our your camera–ready to take photos. You turn on your camera and bring your camera to your eye and press the shutter, but nothing happens. You check to see what is wrong, and you notice that you either forgot to put in your battery (which is still charging at home) or left your memory card in your card reader at home.

Solution? I always make it a point to carry a spare battery/memory card on me at all times. This has definitely saved me a lot of headache as of late–and I highly recommend everybody else to do the same.

2. Accidentally opening up my film camera with film still inside

Doing this really sucks (after you start shooting)

Recently I started to shoot with my old Contax IIIa Film Rangefinder, and had the unfortunate experience of accidentally opening up my camera, forgetting that there was film inside. This has probably ruined about 5 rolls so far, which is frustrating as hell (as I never was able to see what those photos I took came out). After having this happen to me several times, it made me appreciate digital so much more, but at the same time– realize how hard that film street photographers have it.

Solution? I have a terrible memory so if my camera doesn’t have any film in it, I put a sticky note on it as a reminder.

3. People who say that my camera takes really good photos

"Chilling" - shot with a disposable camera

I know it is cliche, but it is still annoying as hell when people say this to me. I try not to take too much offense to the comment, as I think its more ignorance than a means to undermine my work as a street photographer.

Solution? The next time that person has you over and cooks you a really nice meal, you should tell them, “The food was really delicious! You must have great pots and pans.”

4. People who call my shots “really lucky”

"Jack Laxer" - shot in Santa Monica

Although there is undoubtedly a certain aspect of “luck” when it comes to street photography, it is much more the discipline of the street photographer that gets him/her great shots. The street photographer has to be on the streets as much as he/she can, which allows them to be presented with many different opportunities. Not only that, but an unskilled photographer will be unable to capture great images, even if luck is on his/her side.

Solution? Call all of their achievements in life lucky as well (okay I have to admit–that’s a bit snarky).

5. Missing the decisive moment

"The Gatekeeper" - Lebanon

Although I try my best to always be ready and prepared for the decisive moment, but there are times I a half second too early or late to capture it. Although I try my best to let it slide, it is still pretty frustrating nonetheless.

Solution? Let yourself know that it is “ok” to miss the decisive moment every once in a while. Sometimes we will miss the decisive moment due to human error, other times by being lazy and not having our camera on us.

So what pisses you off as a street photographer? Leave a comment below and give us all a great laugh!

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