“Midnight Dining” – Poem

Note: One of the incredibly talented Sunday school students I have at my church named Edward Lim saw my “Midnight Dining” image and was inspired to write a poem. Not only am I humbled that he decided to write a poem based on my image, but I am also impressed by his fluency in the literary arts. Show him some love and leave him a comment below!

"Midnight Dining"
"Midnight Dining"

Walk home late at night
A day of toil done
Amid the chaos of chores
And thus night meal, forgotten

A midnight vendor
A hearty greeting
A snack before the halfway
And thus sat down

Midst of city light
The narrow strip of sky
Sets glow to nigh
And thus the dim alley

Not quite Christmas
Couple of months ’ till so
They hang above, those light
And thus a starry sky

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