Eric Kim’s FREE Street Photography Lightroom 3 Presets

In holding to my mantra of open source photography, I have decided to give away all of my presets that I use in my street photography for Lightroom 3 for FREE. Feel free to share these presets with anybody/everybody you know.

Click to Download
Click to download

>>Download (zip)

35 thoughts on “Eric Kim’s FREE Street Photography Lightroom 3 Presets”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and for so generously sharing your lightroom presets. Will these also work in Lightroom 2? (please say yes…lol)

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  3. I was almost frustrating to use photoshop to produce a color similar to your work, then I found this.. thank you… thank you… thank you…

  4. Thank you for sharing these! I’m trying to learn post processing techniques to eventually develop a style of my own. Will definitely visit your blog often to get more tips and freebies!

  5. Thank You for sharing, i just found this website Thru one of other photographers whom i also check. I will be checking this more often and made me motivated to take streetshooting as a new thing to learn, Thanks again

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