Seven years of teaching workshops later (over 30 cities, 100 workshops, 1000 students), I still love teaching workshops.

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Toronto 2011

“Before I went to Toronto Street Photography workshop, I had some concerns especially with ethical perspective and fundamentals of rule related to street photography. As result of this workshop, this helped overcome my fear and concern. The best part is you learn something new by knowing and gain some understanding through photography on the street.”

In all, I highly recommend for those who are thinking about going to Street Photography workshop near you in your hometown/country, do consider register and participate. Hands down!

-Brian Bonitz

“An awesome experience. Two days well spent. Thank you Eric. You pushed me (us) hard. But did not seem pushy.

You are a very talented young man who teaches at a level beyond your years.”

-Les Faber

“Okay, so first things first. I am not a photographer. I don’t even own a camera. My weapon of choice is an iPhone 4 that is always at my side.

A recent mid-life crisis has me looking for things to do that don’t include the word “”work””. An interest in looking at pretty pictures led me to my discovery of Eric’s website and blog.

All it took was a simple leap of faith. Not only did I not feel like a total newbie, but I was warmly welcomed into the Toronto groups arms, never feeling like an outsider.

I owe this to the great group of people that attended last weekends event. But more to the point, to Eric Kim, who is not only an insanely gifted teacher, he is a wonderful and kind hearted person.

I highly encourage all fence sitters, if you have the chance to attend one of Eric’s workshops, you will be handsomely rewarded. For pros and for neophyte’s alike.”

-Robert Kahn

“Eric, your workshop was such as terrific experience. I’ve been shooting street photography for a couple of years and it was amazing to meet with people who shared my passion to discuss the finer points. The workshop has certainly benefited me and I am a much more confident street shooter because of it. You’re a huge credit to the community – Keep it up!”

-Domenic Papa

Chicago 2011

“This workshop really boosted my confidence while shooting on the street. It made me think more about how to compose a photo and what to look for in my photos when editing and post-processing. It was awesome learning from not one but two of my street photography idols, Eric Kim and Jason Martini! Don’t forget to not hesitate and killers shoot twice! Thanks Eric!”

-Alex Crossland

“I am intermediate photographer who has recently discovered the joy of street photography. Attending Eric Kim’s beginning street photography course was a great experience. Eric Kim is an instructor who is truly passionate about his craft and thoroughly enjoys sharing the art of street photography with others.

In the workshop I was able to get a good grasp of what street photography is all about and over come much of the fear that comes with photographing people you don’t know while in an urban environment.

This is the kind of instruction you just can’t get in a book!”

-Bob Chambers

San Francisco 2011

“After attended Eric’s workshop for beginners in San Francisco, I have an increased appreciation for street photography and higher confidence practicing it. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more courageous, knowledgeable, and friendly photographer/teacher.

Eric’s energy and passion photography shows when he teaches and it really helped me invest my thoughts into how I can improve as a photographer. He’s also very organized and hardworking. I highly recommend Eric.”

– Justin Chuan

“Wonderful course.  Eric really knows how to teach and makes you feel real comfortable in a small group.   The course is well thought out and exposes you to many solid techniques in street photography.”

– Michael Cohen

Los Angeles 2011

“Eric Kim is an extremely down to earth individual. He truly has an immense amount of passion for what he does. His electricity and enthusiasm inspired me to become the best street photographer I could possibly be. I had the honor of attending his Street Photography Workshop in LA and it was one decision I will never regret. Eye opening to say the least. Hands on training and a great foundation for anyone who even has the slightest interest in street photography. The anxiety and fear that once froze me has been completely obliterated and I have the confidence to go out and hit the streets and “See the Beauty in the Mundane”. Thanks Eric”

– Derriel Almario

“Eric just exudes enthusiasm for street photography that is contagious. He’s a great teacher and makes it fun to learn. I enjoyed his workshop and learned more than I expected. I also enjoyed walking and shooting with him. He is well informed and presents the subject very well. I would definitely sign up for another workshop.”

– Rinzi Ruiz

“Eric Kim is a talented street photographer and a wonderful human being. He also is a very giving person and is very willing to share his photographic knowledge with anyone who asks. After becoming mesmerized by his wonderful street photography, I enrolled in his beginner street photography workshop and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I look forward to attending more workshops in the future.”

– Rob LaRosa

Switzerland 2011

“I’ve visited Eric’s Street Photography Workshop two weeks ago in Switzerland. He is very cheerful, enthusiastic & passionate about photography which is addictive… (in a positive way). He is also an excellent teacher. I super enjoyed the day & can recommend workshops with Eric to anyone interested in Photography. It was nice to meet him over here & hope to see him again in the future!”

– Linda Bieri

“I want to thank you for the superb street photography-workshop you ran on May 22nd in Zuerich. You both were well prepared and documented. You even did not forget to cater for our stomachs: (healthy) snacks and drinks were amply available. Besides the theory it was obvious that both of you could draw from your vast practical experience in this field of photography. Of special value to me was the practical shooting in the streets in the streets near the main station.”

– Rolf Laeuffer

“First experience ever in photography. Never done anything before.
Hated so much to take pictures of landscapes or people posing.
This workshop has opened a totally different world to my eyes.
Eric was simple and great in showing what street photography is.
I was impressed with his work and the passion he has in what he does.
I fell in love with Street photography and now it is almost a need to go in the streets taking pictures.
Thank you so much!!”

– Alessandra Scicchitano