Medium Format Environmental Street Portraits by Ade Ogunsanya (Street Portraitist) from Tokyo

Ade Ogunsanya
Eric’s Note: When I visited Tokyo recently to teach my street photography workshop, I had the great pleasure of meeting Ade Ogunsanya aka 

Street Portraitist through my good friends Charlie Kirk and Bellamy Hunt. Check out his project — shooting portraits of strangers on the streets of Tokyo, focusing both on the people and juxtaposing them against their environments. Definitely a great project to check out! 
The aim of this project is to connect with new people, find out a bit about them and try to take a nice picture of them in the short time I spend with them. Quite a few of the people I take photos of end up contacting me after and we end up becoming friends on social media and I have given prints to a few others. All of these images are taken using a Pentax67 medium format camera with 105mm or 165mm lenses. The main motivation for shooting MF is the extra care you have to take knowing you need to nail every shot.