Seattle Street Portrait Photography POV with the Samsung Galaxy S6

If you’ve been enjoying these POV videos, I got more of them for you! This is of a recent street portrait session I did in Seattle with this beautiful woman we met in the streets during a workshop. I recorded a video of me directing her on my Samsung Galaxy S6, and also shot while recording. Post-processing done in VSCO with the “dramatic black and white” preset.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Video: Paris Street Photography GoPro POV with Ricoh GR #3

Hey streettogs, thanks for your feedback. Just recorded a new GoPro POV street photography here in Paris with my Ricoh GR (and edited in the shots as some of you asked).

My recording setup
My recording setup

Here are some of my favorite photos from the video:

R0132869 R0132912 R0132957

Other Paris GoPro Street Photography POV Videos

Both videos are shot with my GoPro and Film Leica MP:

Paris GoPro Street Photography POV #2

Paris GoPro Street Photography POV #1

More Street Photography GoPro POV Videos:

Stay tuned for more videos to come! :)

Video: Paris Street Photography GoPro POV with Leica MP

Hey streettogs, I just put together a new street photography GoPro POV video here in Paris on my film Leica MP. Unfortunately can’t edit in shots (shooting film), but plan on doing more of these to show my working process, as well as the streets of Paris.

More Street Photography GoPro POV Videos:

Stay tuned for more videos to come! :)

gopro setup eric kim paris

Working on Layers: Manila Street Photography GoPro POV with the Fujifilm x100s

Lesson: Layers + Working the Scene

In this video I shot with the Fujifilm x100s and pre-focused my lens to around 5-10 meters (manual focus), shot at f/8, ISO 800, aperture-priority mode, optical viewfinder, and worked on trying to get more layers in the shot. The technique I used here was trying to get someone in the extreme foreground in the photo, and the subject in the background sharp. You can read more about this approach in my “Multiple Subjects” composition lesson.

In addition, I also made a conscious effort to stick around and “work the scene” — by taking multiple shots of the same scene, rather than just taking one shot and moving on. The masters rarely just took one scene of a shot and moved on, as you can see in my article: “10 Things Street Photographers Can Learn From Magnum Contact Sheets“.

Istanbul Street Photography GoPro POV Volume #2

Here is the second volume of my Istanbul Street Photography GoPro POV series. I put the new GoPro Hero 3 (and shot at 720p at 60fps) on top of my Leica MP. The framelines are roughly 35mm. I have a few more I’m working on, will upload them in the upcoming week.

If you haven’t seen it already, you can see my first Istanbul Street Photography GoPro POV here.

My Experiences Shooting Street Photography in Istanbul

This is my second time in Istanbul, and it has absolutely been one of my favorite places in the world to shoot street photography. It is a combination of the friendly people, the diverse history, the historic architecture, the multicultural heritage, and the golden light.

The other day I put my GoPro Hero 3 on top of my Leica MP and with Portra 400 loaded, made a POV of me shooting the streets of Istanbul — around the Eminonu area in Istanbul which is right by the water and the New Mosque.

3 Lessons I Learned Photographing a Blinged-out Boxing Promoter

Just uploaded a new GoPro POV video at Gallo Boxing. This time with Ty, a boxing promoter with great swag and bling.

The story behind what happened is that initially I was photographing another boxer, and I was going to take some photos of him working the punching bag. Then I saw Ty on my way over, and was blown away with his outfit (his sunglasses, his patent-leather shoes, and the plethora of rings on his fingers).

Gallo Boxing GoPro POV: Volume #2 (Christian Bleha, Fighter with Tattoo)

Here is Volume 2 of my GoPro POV series at Gallo Boxing.

I first saw Christian Bleha chilling after a long workout, dripping in sweat and puffing from exhaustion. I saw him from afar–and loved his tattoos. But I was a bit nervous to first approach him. However I knew I would regret not asking to take photos of him if I chickened out– so I swallowed a big gulp of air, and introduced myself to him and asked if I could take some photos.

Gallo Boxing GoPro POV: Volume #1 (Little Boxer)

For last month’s fiestamovement challenge, I learned boxing at Gallo Boxing in Lansing, Michigan.

I have always been fascinated with boxing culture– both the sport and the culture behind it. I remember watching tons of Rocky movies growing up, and loved the skill, determination, and physical/mental endurance that boxers had to endure to become great fighters.

After learning a few moves in boxing myself, I had about two weeks before heading back to California. So I took those two weeks to do a mini-documentary project on the boxers in the gym, with my GoPro Hero 3 strapped on top of my Ricoh GRD V.

I wanted to make these GoPro videos to illustrate how I was able to build rapport with the fighters in the gym (including the very young in this video above) and how I photographed them (how I got them to move around, the angles I used, the use of flash/without flash, as well as how many photos I took).

Shooting documentary-type work has always fascinated me– but I never had a project or location I felt passionate enough to photograph. Luckily enough, this project at Gallo Boxing was something that kept calling me back.

Environmental Portrait GoPro POV at Kane’s Diner in New York

The story: When in New York, I stayed with my good friend Spencer (childhood friend) in Queens. Another of my good childhood friends (Aditiya) mentioned that before I left New York, I had to check out Kane’s diner— a 24-hour diner which they frequently visited.

I didn’t expect to go there– but one of the days when I was walking to the subway, I spotted it. I stepped in, checked the Yelp reviews, and saw that their Steak and Eggs were quite popular. I ordered some.

I also started talking with the waiter–who was extremely friendly. We connected well, and he gave me the best steak & eggs I have ever had (at a reasonable price).

I then remembered my new Ricoh GRD V in my bag, and my GoPro that I brought to do some POV videos during my travels. I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to ask him to take some photos.

3 Tips To Conquer Your Fear of Shooting Street Portraits

Last November I shot a campaign for Samsung’s NX20 camera using a video camera strapped to my head to record the footage of me shooting street portraits in Chicago with permission. It was a project that was intensive: I shot for 2 days straight from 5am-noon on little sleep.

The thing I loved most about the project is that although I certainly didn’t take photos that made it into my portfolio — it forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and interact with lots of people on the streets in a short period of time. The fact that the video was being played live in Amsterdam while I was shooting did give me healthy pressure which ended up being a great learning experience.

Street Portraiture POV in Chicago with the Samsung NX20

For the Samsung NX20 “Shoot Wow” live street photography campaign, I roamed the streets of Chicago and focused on street portraiture. Why street portraiture? Because getting 2 good candid shots every hour is near impossible, and street portraiture is something I have always been quite comfortable with and enjoyed. It also gave me a good opportunity to interact more with the people on the streets – something that I lose when just shooting street photography candidly.

This is some footage from the event – a small portion of it. I have over 16 hours of footage in all (still editing and going through it). I will try to put out a series of these videos over the next few weeks.

Hope you guys enjoy!

How to Interact With Your Subjects when Shooting Street Photography

Alfred Eisenstaedt once said, “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter“. Upon reading this quote, it made me start thinking differently how I approach my street photography. When I started off, I would avoid eye contact at all costs, often shooting from the hip or being a little more sneaky. However nowadays, I actually prefer making eye contact with my subjects the majority of the time and even interacting with them after taking the shot. Often times when things are a bit too hectic on the streets, I don’t talk much with people but whenever I have the opportunity I try. Keep reading to learn how to interact with your subjects more when shooting on the streets.

Leica M9 POV Through the Viewfinder with a 35mm Summilux

Another fun video of me shooting with the Leica M9 and the 35mm f/1.4 Summilux in Santa Monica’s 3rd street promenade. To record this video, I put my HTC EVO 4G Smartphone’s camera through the viewfinder and walked around and shot. Didn’t include the photos I took during the video because most of them came out out-of-focus (holding this setup was hard). But I hope this video helps you get a better sense of what I see when shooting street photography :)