Review of the CSLR Glide Strap for Street Photography

Custom SLR Glide Strap

(Above image: my Leica MP and CSLR Glide Strap)

In my 6 years of shooting street photography, I have experimented with lots of different straps. I tried neck straps, wrist straps, hand straps, and even no straps.

Finding an ideal camera strap for street photography is very difficult. You need a strap that is discrete, comfortable, yet looks good.

I was really excited when I first came upon the CSLR Glide Strap on the internet (I first heard about it through Kickstarter for their C-Loop). Their revolutionary idea at the time was why not take your camera strap off your neck (where it gets itchy and sticky) and put it over your shoulder instead? This way it could disperse more weight more evenly around your body.

Not only that, they advertised a “gliding” mechanism that would allow you to quickly draw your camera (just like a gun-slinger out of a cowboy movie).