What does it mean to re-make the real? It is about taking embodied reality (through photography) and re-mixing, and re-challenging how we see and interpret the world. Furthermore, I propose to make it concrete and tangible. To make photos, to transform them into abstract images using ProCreate, then importing the images into 3D (Google Tilt Brush) to re-imagine how we see and engage with reality.

Iterative process

To re-make the real is an iterative process. You take reality, and re-make, and re-invision it. Furthermore, it is an iterative process. You constantly add to reality, and take away from it. Like a sculptor who adds clay to his artwork, while also chipping away and removing from the art-work.

Creating a workflow

To create a practical workflow is key. To not talk about re-making the real with words and abstract ideas, but to go out, make photographs, and use digital tools to create tangible digital art-works, which can be exported, imported, and re-shared on the internet, or even 3D-printed in the real world.

Importance of understanding this world through practice and visual making

The best way to understand the world is through creation. To take reality, take it apart, and re-make it. Similar to how a child takes apart a toaster oven to figure out how it works, and through trying to put it together, he understands how it works. Similar to how I used this process to figure out how computers worked– I took apart my first computer and tried to put it back together. Through this re-making process, I learned what a processor was, what the hard drive was, and it de-mystified the technology behind the computer.

  1. For the past x years as a working artist.

Ive already made this discovery. As a working practicing artist and teaching workshops to 1000s of students around the world, ive come to realize how …

There’s something very interesting to what I do as a photographer and engage with the world.

Many photographers talk about ‘see better’, but I touch m engage, grasp and understand the world through my process. My process is this. Multi-step iterative thing

1, going out and practicing street photography techniques, in my everyday envorment, and auto-ethnographic. Self portraiture

  1. Ive been innovating in deconstructing my images as a process fo understand the world thorough procreate. Its teaching medium to teach visual acuity and composition and structure. by analyzing these photos through procreate, I come to better understand the world and the photograph. I have discovered this way to train how my eyes see. What I propose
  2. To take these process of visual analysis of both the photos and visual sketches and turn them into 3d reality, to take a 2d photograph/abstraction analytical deconstruction of the photo into a 3d environment in tilt brush. Through creating this and doing this, I will remake the real.

The final step is to take this visual circuit back into reality by going out and making new photos and starting over. This project ive already been working on stage 1 and 2, which is photography and making visual arts.

Once BAI opens, I will continue to work with the MML and ive already connected with Leo S. about this in the past, about bringing my photos into tilt brush. But we haven’t had the opportunity to do so, because of COVID.

My Goal is both artistic and pedagogical, and I will lead a workshop on how to do this.

Im already starting to do this. Ive already started to develop and blog and provide guides , through the grant I will develop a teaching guide or workshop guide to share with others . A booklet, manual, an online series blog posts, to how do this, to share with brown community and other artists. They can start practicing this technique of re-making the real through photography and everyday life.

I use iPad.

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Doing it live is cool.


Practice, visual intuition, not theory.

Im self-trained on visual analysis.

How to work through everyday life through art.

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