Pro Blogger

How to Write Viral Blog Posts

Dear friend,

I think I’m the best living blogger.

I want to share why I think I’m so great, and also how you can write viral blog posts— that get shared widely online, and to have your words resonate with millions.

I. What makes a good blogger?

First of all, what makes a ‘good’ blogger?

For me, I think a good blogger is prolific, productive, and writes a lot — and does it for fun, and doesn’t stress too much about it.

For example, I write blog posts I’d like to read. I never force myself to blog on a topic that I am personally not interested in, and the words just flow from my fingertips like water.

It also helps to have a high ‘WPM’ (words per minute). I can type around 130 words per minute. Which means, I can type as fast as I think — if anything, I can type faster than I can think. So if you are a ‘hunter and pecker’, and cannot type blind folded, do free online typing courses, and learn how to type without even looking.

Also, I think a good blogger needs to have guts. To not care about random comments online — whether positive or negative. To trust your own intuition, rather than following the opinions of the masses.

II. Why blog?

Also, you gotta ask yourself— why blog?

For me, it is an existential thing to blog. I blog because it affirms that I’m alive.