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Physiology Photography

Photography is a highly physical activity: walking, running, squatting, lunging, walking up stairs, moving our bodies, moving our hands, arms, eyes. Why has nobody pursued a philosophy towards the physiology of photography yet?

What is physiology?

Physiology is a field of study which has fallen out of vogue. Essentially physiology is the philosophical study and pursuit regarding biological and natural things.

Photography is quite unique because when compared to all other forms of art-production, photography is far more physical. A painter doesn’t need to run around all day to paint, a photographer does.

The physique of a street photographer

Ideally high in muscle mass, low in body fat. Great aptitude in walking, with little fatigue. Flexible back, hips, and strong legs for squaring and any other forms of physical contortion which is required to make dynamic images.

Food and fitness

What are the ideal foods and diet regimen for a photographer to follow? What is the ideal workout or fitness plan?

Insofar as I’ve figured out, it is a combination of intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, and powerlifting.

Intermittent fasting: don’t eat during the day (only at night). Ketogenic diet: meat and protein heavy diet, no carbs or starches. Powerlifting: focus on building your maximal muscular strength.

What is the goal in photography?

The goal:

Maximize your ability to be physically powerful throughout the day, in order to employ your muscles to make the most epic photos.

For example much of the guts you need in street photography is dependent upon your physical courage and strength. It’s a fact that the more testosterone you have in your veins, the less prone you are to fear and outside threats. Contrary to popular belief, an individual with high testosterone is less likely to pick fights. An individual with high testosterone actually exhibits higher levels of stoic calm, indifference, and lack of petty fear.

Physical culture

I wish more bodybuilders and powerlifters pursued art, and more artists pursued bodybuilding and powerlifting. Certainly the hybrid of embracing both extremes (barbell between physical strength and artistic strength) is the ultimate apotheosis.

Focus more on your workouts and the foods you eat

Perhaps if you want to level up your photography and artistic production and innovation — focus on your physical fitness.

  1. Eat more meat, fat, and less sugar and carbohydrates
  2. Experiment more with intermittent fasting. Skip breakfast. Then skip lunch. Then see how long you can fast until dinner time.
  3. Powerlift at the gym: Deadlift, squat, heavy dumbbell or bench. On your “light” days do weighted chin-ups, dips, and other body weight exercises.
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