What to Do When You’re Bored

  1. Go on a walk with your camera
  2. go to the gym and lift weights (deadlift, squat, bench). Powerlifting style.
  3. make beats in GarageBand
  4. write a blog post about something which interests you
  5. take a cold shower
  6. call a friend on the phone and say hello
  7. go to a coffee shop, have a nice cup of coffee, chat with the barista or some strangers. Write, read a book, or just people watch
  8. drive to some nature area or park, and go on a quick walk or hike.
  9. go swim
  10. learn something: learn something online, in a book, or somewhere in person
  11. make illustrations with procreate app on iPad or iPhone, or calligraphy with zen brush 2.
  12. write a poem that rhymes and share it on your blog
  13. shoot a vlog and upload it to your YouTube channel
  14. look through your old photos, and update your photo portfolio on your website
  15. read some novels you’ve been wanting to read. The Iliad or Odyssey by Homer, or the Odes of Horace.
  16. shoot some selfies of yourself at home. Share them or just view them for yourself for fun.
  17. watch some movies or cinema on your laptop, and screenshot the compositions you like, annotate them, and publish to your blog.
  18. start your own website (WordPress.org).
  19. make a slideshow of your favorite photos using iMovie.
  20. Draw or sketch stuff around the house using a pencil and paper, or pen and pad.

How to Add Muscle and Subtract Fat at the Same Time

The holy grail:

The ability to ADD MUSCLE and SUBTRACT FAT at the same time.

I think I figured it out. Essentially intermittent fasting throughout the day [no breakfast, no lunch, only dinner], no sugar in your diet, no alcohol, no carbs. For eating, only eat bitter greens [kale, collard greens], fermented foods [kimchi, saurkraut], and lots of fatty meats [pork picnic roast, steak, dark chicken meat, etc].


Seize your opportunity! With all this craziness, think:

This is my chance and opportunity to seize it — and benefit from it!

For example, let us say you gotta work from home. That is great! You can milk your employer, and start building your business on the side [side-hustle]. You have MORE freedom working from home — no boss constantly peering over your shoulder. Isn’t this phenomenal?

300 spartan

How to Make Art Indoors

If you’re stuck at home or indoors, here are some practical ideas to motivate yourself to make art [from the comfort of your own home]!:

  1. Make illustrations: Use ProCreate on iPad or iPhone to make illustrations. Or you can use Adobe Illustrator on your laptop to make images. Or simpler yet– practice drawing by hand! Just draw on a piece of printer paper, or any scrap paper. Channel your inner-2 year old, and have fun with crayons and more!
  2. Curate your portfolio: Look through your portfolio of images, and select your favorite images, and publish them to your own website/blog! Remember to curate is also a creative act.
  3. Make a slideshow of your favorite photos using iMovie or any other slideshow maker: For an added bonus, practice to use GarageBand to make your own beats. If you need free music, you can download my beats.
  4. Write: Write articles, a blog post, start your autobiography, write poetry [this is how I write poetry], and publish it to your own blog. If you don’t got a blog, just use wordpress.com or medium.com.
  5. Use this opportunity to start your own website: This can be your chance to (finally) start your own self-hosted website! I recommend bluehost.com, and installing WordPress.org. Building a website ain’t hard; learning how to use aperture and shutter-speed on a digital camera is far more complex!
  6. Shoot a vlog: Use the selfie mode on your iPhone, Android, or digital camera, and upload it to your own YouTube channel. You can just use the YouTube app on your phone, or go to YouTube.com/upload on your laptop to start uploading videos.
  7. Explore all the filters on your camera or phone: If you’re stuck at home, experiment with all the filter modes on your iPhone, digital camera, or Android device. And just shoot random stuff at home, or shoot selfies of yourself.
  8. Remix or re-process your old photos: Experiment with filters in Photoshop, or inverse your photos, blur them, or draw over them!
300 spartan

POWER #poem

You got the power
To go hard, hour after hour
No need to be sour or salty
You just gotta exalt thee

You got the power, you got the strength
To move mountains — just stay in place
Stay grounded, feet connected to the ground
You’re the giant, Mother Earth
Nurses you, no cursing you
You determine your own fate
Keep working hard — can you keep up the pace?




Why are photos of eyes and eye contact so powerful?

We have an intuition for eye-contact.


We like eye contact, or sometimes we fear it.


The thought that some races are genetically superior to others (or some races are genetically inferior) is racism.

What we gotta be worried about in today’s world:

Low-key racism.

This is racism which isn’t in your face. It is the hidden, sneaky racism:



What if we believed the soul was mortal— that once we died, our soul also died with us? Then what? How would we approach life differently and live life differently?


Envy is good, jealousy is bad.

if you’re envious of someone else and their success and this stimulates and invigorates you to do more, envy is good. Jealousy is bad because we are intimidated by someone else taking our spot. For example, you can be a jealous boyfriend if you worry that your girlfriend will run off with another guy. Envy is when you look at Arnold and also desire his same physique.

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