Now is the Chance for You To (Finally) Write Your Book! (digitally)

Write your book! Or put together a photo book of your best images (PDF).

Download ‘iBooks Author’ for MacBook (laptop/desktop for Mac).

Make a PDF e-book of your thoughts, best photos, your life story, whatever!



MONSTER PDF [just made this].

I used iBooks Author, here is the video and screenshots:

The point ain’t for you to make it ‘good’.

Just fuck with it and have fun with it!

Selfie iphone

The Biggest Myths and Misconceptions in Photography

  1. You need a “real” camera to make good photos. iPhone and android phones are legitimate cameras. They’re essentially cameras with phones attached to them.
  2. You must shoot RAW. I shoot JPEG and prefer it. RAW is for suckers, if your camera has good JPEG settings. JPEG simplifies and quickens your workflow, and often cameras like RICOH GR III have PHENOMENAL high contrast monochrome JPEG filters which actually look superior to processed RAW images. Same goes with RICOH positive film color preset.
  3. You must have Instagram: I deleted my Instagram a few years ago, and I’m 1000x happier, and more artistic and innovative as a result. My self esteem for my photography has gone up, and my overall mood is 100x improved as well.
  4. You must travel to make good photos. I’ve made many good photos inside the house, and also in my own home town and city. My idea: take the familiar and make it exotic (instead of the other way around, what travel tries to do).
  5. You must use Photoshop or Lightroom. As of late, I’ve been using the default Apple Photos app on my laptop, and I actually prefer it. Why? It’s faster, simpler, and its free and open!
abstract black and white

Dopamine Resistance

Dopamine Resistance — an interesting theory about addiction and cravings. Not just food, but smartphone/internet addiction, video game addiction, porn addiction, drug addiction, coffee addiction, news addiction, etc.


  1. Intermittent fasting
  2. Avoid environmental cues which ‘trigger’ the undesired addictive behavior.
  3. Stop consuming sugar (natural or fake), snacks, desserts, etc.
  4. To extend fasting period in the day, do strenuous exercise or have a strong cup of black coffee.

‘Addiction’ isn’t inherently bad or evil.

I’m addicted to having fun, creating, walking, lifting weights, coffee, etc. To me, the notion of ‘addiction’ shouldn’t be a moralized one. Rather, it is all about YOUR personal life goals.

Think about your desired outcome, then work backwards.

ERIC KIM flex muscle


Things which are good, but unnecessary.

Protein powder and supplements are unnecessary

ERIC KIM flex muscle

I’ve built my physique with NO protein powder, NO supplements, no weird stuff. Only fatty meat, eggs, and bitter greens (kale, collard greens). All cheap cuts of meat (99 cent a pound pork or chicken), and beef steak around 2.99 a pound (or ground beef, ground pork, etc).

I am convinced:

Protein powder, supplements are all based on FEAR MARKETING.

Fear marketing:

If you don’t buy x, y, z … then you will LOSE OUT on your potential to make EVEN GREATER gains and growth.

Front ERIC KIM flex

I follow this line of thinking:

If it ain’t 100% necessary, don’t fuck with it.

Who knows all the other weird stuff they put in protein powder and supplements. Better to stick with eating animals than eating minerals, vitamins, and powderized weird stuff.

ERIC KIM back muscle flex


Cindy Ricoh

You can do much with simple equipment. For example, RICOH GR II (~$550 USD) has helped me create some of the best photos in my portfolio:

And also — newer photos I live on RICOH GR III ($890 USD):

Why I Love Black and White Abstract Art

Ultimate contrast, focus on shapes and forms. Gives movement to our feet and inspires us!

How I make abstract black and white images

Procreate app and iPad. I use lasso tool, then create a “visual gist”, then make the image. Sometimes based on a photo or art work. Sometimes not.

It’s all an impression and creative power

I love how I don’t gotta take it so seriously. It’s fun, simple, yet concentrated and solid.

Just have fun!

don’t take it too seriously. Just have fun and screw around with it!

Our brain can fill in the blanks

Which is which? What do these look like?

proportion male chest waist


I know personally I have a negative bias against fat and fatness in humans.

Why is this? Some thoughts:

What is Your Desired Outcome?

A thought:

In life, consider what your desired outcome is, and work backwards.

For example, you gotta ask yourself:

What do I REALLY want?

What do you really want from life, and how bad do you want it? What are you willing to sacrifice for it? Also, how do you best want to re-arrange your life or lifestyle in order to achieve your desired outcomes in life?

For example,

  1. If your desired outcome is to empower your partner, change your actions or approach which empowers them.
  2. If your desire is to make artwork, arrange your life to best give you the ability to make artwork!

Start with the end then work backwards.


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