ERIC KIM Advanced Street Photography Masterclass Workshop NYC (March 3-4, 2018)

Flash. Ricoh GR II, popup flash, P mode. Tokyo, 2017

Dear friend,

If you’re looking to learn new skills, techniques, and take your street photography to the next level, I cordially invite you to my new Advanced Street Photography Masterclass Workshop in NYC (March 3-4, 2018).

Master street photography for yourself

Woman and umbrella. Seoul, 2009

Are you hungry? Do you have an insatiable desire for making pictures? Do you feel dissatisfied with your street photography, and push yourself to the next level?

Are you sick and tired of people just telling you that they“like” your pictures? Do you really want to know practical and philosophical tools to elevate your street photography game to the next level?

Are you craving a greater challenge? Do you desire personal greatness and grandeur in your picture-making abilities?

Do you want to fully express your personal maximum in street photography? If so, this workshop is for you.

Master your own street photography style

Dynamic low angle composition. Tokyo, 2011 by ERIC KIM

Your street photography is personal to you. Your style is personal.

You define street photography for yourself. You don’t really care whether others will classify or categorize you as a “street photographer.” You just use the genre of “Street photography” to express your creative spirit.

This workshop will give you the unique opportunity to just focus on yourself, your photography, and honing your artistic and creative vision. By investing in the solid weekend of the masterclass, you will finally have the opportunity to take a break from your soul-sucking job, and the distractions of the “real world”.

This is your opportunity to be selfish, and self-centered for yourself. You deserve it. You work damn hard, and this workshop will give you the opportunity to finally focus on your photography, and re-inspire yourself.

This workshop is for you.

Woman and door. Chiaroscuro. DYNAMIC LIGHT AND SHADOW. Hanoi, 2016 by ERIC KIM

Why is this workshop a “masterclass”?

Because it is an opportunity for you to master street photography for yourself.

In the workshop, only see me as a guide, a mentor, and a tool to give you practical feedback, honest critique, and as a lens to focus and hone into your photographic vision.

I will not force you to shoot like me. No, I will force you to shoot like you.

This workshop is all about discovering your unique street photography vision. It is going to be hard, relentless, and difficult. This workshop is unique in the sense that everyone in the workshop will be hardcore street photographers—all hungry to elevate their street photography game. Yet, we will all be like fellow soldiers— we will empower and strengthen one another. This workshop, we are like a street photography tribe — we are all on the same team, for us all to take our street photography to new heights.

Rapid growth and acceleration in your street photography

Everyday, we will present our work. We will have brutally honest critique and feedback sessions. We will be specific — giving practical insights how we can improve the dynamism of our compositions, how we can add more emotion and soul into our street photos, and how we can hone our unique artistic vision.

This rapid iteration of feedback and critique will accelerate our learning process. In these intense weekend, you will see MASSIVE GROWTH in your photography. It is the ultimate “photography life hack”.

This workshop is not for the faint of heart. It is only for you, if you’re strong, willing to take greater risks, in order to reap greater rewards.

Take your street photography to the next level

London Street Photograph . Woman and cell phone and poster

In this epic two-day workshop, you will learn:

  1. How to create complex layered street photographs
  2. The secret of the triangle subject and capturing multipe-subjects
  3. How to shoot fearlessly with a flash in street photography
  4. How to overcome hesitation and fear in your street photography
  5. How to shoot super-close in street photography, and defuse any confrontation you might encounter

Why take my street photography to the next level?

Woman with cross neck tattoo. Berlin, 2017

If you need a SHOT of inspiration in your street photography and life, this workshop is for you. This workshop is not for the faint, or for those who aren’t willing to push themselves out of their comfort zones.

If you’ve attended a workshop in the past, and are looking for new skills and techniques to take your street photography to the next level, this workshop is for you. Email Neil at for your special returning-student discount.

No risk, no reward.

Mad men. NYC, 2017. Pentax 645Z

The workshop is limited to only 16 passionate individuals. If you’re not willing to take your street photography to the next level, and you aren’t willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone, please do not attend this workshop. But if you’re hungry for an adventure, and seeking to master street photography for yourself, I welcome you with open arms.

Also, I am so confident that this workshop will elevate your street photography to the next level, that I offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. If for some reason after the workshop, you don’t feel like you gained practical insights and tools to take your street photography to the next level, let us know, am we will refund 100% of your tuition.


Cindy eric hand. Madison, Wisconsin

The price for the two-day workshop is 1500 USD, but if you register before Feb 3rd, 2018, the early-bird discounted price for the workshop is only 995 USD.

You got no risk, only upside. So don’t regret missing your opportunity for signing up for this life-changing street photography workshop.

How to Secure Your Spot


For any questions you have about the workshop, contact my manager Neil at

Special bundled discounts

To gain the maximum ‘bang for your buck’, there are special bundled prices if you combine this workshop with the following NYC street photography workshops:

If you’re traveling to NYC for the workshop, and want to become the best street photographer you can, I recommend contacting my workshop manager Neil at for special discounts.

Weekend of empowerment

  • Dates: March 3-4, 2018 (Saturday/Sunday)

  • Price: 1500 USD (Early-bird discount of 995 USD if you register before Feb 3, 2018)

  • Location: Bryant Park, NYC
  • Times: 10am-5pm (both days)
  • Student cap: 16 streettogs
  • Contact:


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