Nature of things notes

Unvexed deep

Procreant gales…

Swim the bounding torrents

Immortal charm

Savage works of war

Aid mortality

Puissant… Possess power

Eternal wound of love

His greedy sight


“Unmeasureable all”

“pauper speech”

Unbusied ears…and singleness of mind // withdrawn from cares (care less…less stress)

.”Procreant atoms”, matter, “seeds of things”

Phantom figures

“glittering arrows of morning ”

Conquer time with length of days

Birth comes from death

Vexing and whirling

Waters soft and supple bulk

Swells with big showers

Ponderous stone

Renewed assault

The void… The invisible inane

The inane can furnish room

No power can quench

White dazzles in the fire

Rigid gold dissolved in heat

“The ice of bronze melts… Conquered in the frame ”

Warmth and the piercing cold through the silver seep

Everlasting frame

“solid frame ”

The stuff for plenishing the world

Prime and top of life

“during iron”

Powerful in old simplicity

Unconquerable strength

“packed phalanx”

Abundance thrive a new

Gray green waves

Vomit fires

Latent… Unseen quality

Aethereal world

Striving in sturdy thought

Trodden by step…of none before

The untrodden path

I joy to pluck new flowers

Interwoven frame

“The wide inane ”

Illimitable profound

In endless motion…everything goes on

Such huge abundance spreads…

Craving for a center

Primal seeds..

Kindle torches new ***

atomic motions

The lamp of life ***

Meet and clash

Tumbling in the light

Urge to upwards! We have an urge to go upwards… To rise!

Motions oblique

Bitter and sweet

“Goodly hues “

Barbs… tickle not wound the senses

“Salt tartar of wine”

Diamond stones; despisers of all blows

Corpuscles of stuff

“Shun the ambush of the faithless main”

“The crafty enticements of the placid deep”

The various tides of matter

“Rolling chill waters renew forever more “

“Gladsome trees for men”

The shores of light…

Maddened minds

Wild emblems of their frenzy

Brass on brass

“Eager with armed valor to defend “

“Supreme repose”— immune from peril and immune from pain

Abounding of your own riches ! Your own inner riches

Don’t need others ; no need of wrath

“Battle eager horses “

Ruthless jaws of time

“Produce the proper motions “

“Vital motions “

“My sweet toil”

Toil: crush

Ocean one pure sheen

Marble hue

Colors are in hostile opposition to one another ?

Bright gold bronze


White hue

Phoenician red

The fragments die away

Orphaned of colors

Odour of nectar

Vital knots of soul

Shake away the motion of death

Liquid moisture

Lucent realms

Boundless sum

“Swift elan of thought .. flies unencumbered forth “

Unencumbered — debt

Bestirred in everlasting motion

Perform no work outside the same

Innate motion chanced to clash and cling

Together at random, without design.

Untroubled ages and a serene life!

Why do we seek serenity?

Earth gets increase

Extreme bound of growth

Nature with her powers curb all increase…what do we do once we cannot increase anymore?

Glad increase

The food is easily infused in the veins

Touch developments top pinnacle

Prosper : a liquid and unsullied joy

Raise untrammeled to the Peaks of power

All motions of joy, and phantoms of heart.

Sense bearing motions … we need motion!

Training is what makes us men refined

Don’t be touched by fear

How to live a life worthy of the gods ?

The soul and mind are bound together, evermore.

“Sweet toil”

Increase the power of the mind

“Self same time “

Sinews taut

Energy of mind and soul

Immortal, battling with the master winds

“Mortal lives the mind “

Add new parts, or readjust the order given

Eyes pilot life

Union… prosper and enjoy (body and mind )

Bloodless trunk.

Seeds of soul.

How can mind wax strong ?

Death to us is nothing !

Icy pause of life.

Frame exhaust… outworn…..

“I wander afield, thriving in sturdy thought “

“Bodies that strike the eyes,,, awaking sight “

Viewless winds

Piercing luster often burns (scorches) the eyes

All reason is falsified

Thy calculations in affairs of life

Troops of words marshaled against the senses is quite vain

Mobile tongue, artificer of words

What is bitter to some is sweet to others

Eyes… essaying to perceive the fine

Limbs for office of utility

Soul moves the mind ?

What frees the breast from cares of mind ?

The frame… drenched in the everlasting cold of death

Can flame arise anew from unseen fire ?

Pour forth my words not unto empty winds

Sleep follows after food ****

Body is bruised by labor hard

We seek the nature of the world

So great the influence of pursuit and zest

Beholding stranger visages

Mortal minds, Mighty motions, mighty enterprises !

Impulse and irritation

Pleasures, free of penalty

Germs of madness, bites of passion

Venus deludes with idol-Images

Rich sea purple dress

All beauty as relative… in the eye of the beholder ?

Part II

Lucretius notes 2

The plan of life, which is called philosophy

Havens so secure, light so clear.

Sweet solaces of life

Live a life free of care…on living a carefree life … via negativa… to be happier, have fewer cares ?

Hurried back unto the fears

Nature of mind cannot arise alone !

Sense divine… life force quickened

Things acquired by the sternest toil

Skiey sun with baneful heats

The earth and nature give everything to us… aboundingly!

Augmented with new growth

Forever with new waters overflow

Abounding well spring of liquid light

Eternal sun, Doth flood the heaven over — Constant flux of radiance ever new

The fountain head of light supply new light

Stones are conquered by time

The holy influence postpone the terminals of fate

Assaulting aeons with no crash

Earth all things

Increase and food

Add new devices…

Conflux, with flux

Fluxus… fluere… flow

Redden into gold… be gemmed with dew

Long aerial winds

Brawling of the winds of air…mingles its liquid body

Energy of mind which steers the limbs

Aspire to seize the sky

Days wax, nights wane.

Resplendent with white radiance

Valor … be strong

How to thrive and live.

Abounding riches,,,if we live by thrift !

There is never a “lack of little” in the world !

Follow your own thoughts… not what other men speak! ***

Composed and tranquil life ?

Don’t live with care,.. weary of war

It doesn’t cost us pain to NOT have luxuries!

Don’t toil on,.., futile!

Don’t waste my years in idle cares.

Man walks forward…with eager step by eager step!

Anxious hearts, vexed mind,,,torments of the mind

Don’t roll in the “grim waves of care”

Gods…. supreme repose … serene repose

Tranquil peace of mind

Tremendous elan

Red thunderbolts (levin) unto men.

Tongue… the minds interpreter

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