Iliad notes

Iliad notes

Cold tongue.. Grinning teeth.

Sacred blood… Blushing sand.

Forbid the flight

Wives soft arms…the cowards gain

Wasteful ire

Rage unbounded

With rage recruited The bold Trojans glow

Fierce in the front he shakes two dazzling spears

Shot down avenging from the vault of stars

Be mindful of the strength your fathers bore

Be still yourselves!

Be yourself.

Boldest of the race of man!

Cheerless he breathed.

Fruits of earth sustain thy life

Too prodigal of breath

Leaves of tree… Race of man is found

They fall successive.. And successive rise..

Generations in their course defay

Love for the Valor which preserves mankind

Heaven was on his side.

Emulate the glories of our race.

Brass arms

Dull the noble mind

Rich labors

Instruct their hands….

Wasteful war

Ardent mind.

Tired with toils

Fear on her cheek

Glory fills the eternal throne.

Hasten to thy tasks at home.

Guide the spindle… Direct the loom

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