dutch angle Beach Mexico

How to Photograph Creatively

To photograph creatively (photograph in novel, unusual, interesting ways):

1. Dutch angle

Dutch angle:

Photographing with an intentional tilt to your photos (with a wide-angle lens) to make your photo more ‘uneasy’ and dynamic.

dutch angle Beach Mexico

A tip:

Photograph diagonally while walking. When shooting, look at the edges (connect the edges of your frame together).

Another example from the same beach:

Note the edges in red:

2. Frame within a frame

Use body parts or other frames (within a frame) to make more compositionally dynamic and edgy photos:

3. Fog

Photograph in the fog, or even when your lens turns foggy (for example when it is hot outside and air conditioned outside, the moment you step outside, your lens will fog up). Use this opportunity to make creative photos.

Some analyses of compositions:

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