North Korea. Pyongyang. 1978.

CHINA. Fushun. Liaoning Province. 1981. Strip coal mine.

CHINA. Anshan. Liaoning. 1981. Anshan was the center of steel production even before the Liberation and is still the largest steel work in China. The facilities are old however, there are serious problems in productivity and pollution.

HONG KONG. 1996. Kai Tak Airport was said to be the most difficult in the world for taking off and landing. With the new airport at Chek Lap Kok now open, Kai Tak has been closed.
HONG KONG. 1996. Stock exchange.

NORTH KOREA. Chongjin, Hamgyongbuk-do.1986. When I first visited the Kim Chaek Ironworks, the largest ironworks in North Korea, in 1986, I was told that the works had an annual production capacity of 2.5 million tons. There is no way of knowing what its capacity is today. A huge billboard showing the late president, Kim Il Sung, peering into a furnace is erected in front of the main gate to the ironworks. I was guided to various places inside the plant. Coupled with the falling snow, this area impressed on me a powerful visual image.
NORTH KOREA. Pyongyang. 1981. Barber shop for more privileged citizens.

USA. 1965.

BURMA. 1997. Long Neck Tribes.

USA. Chicago, Illinois. 1969. The Black Panthers.

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