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Elon Musk

How to come up with ideas….then how to implement them to make them into a reality ?

80% coming up with ideas…and implement them.

Design and engineering

‘Im an alien’

Company as cybernetic collective of human x machines

‘Collective AI’ ; we are nodes on the network…leaves on a big tree…feeding network

Humans don’t waste time transcribing…but making meaning out of it!

‘Limbic resonance’ – > engagement

We are constrained by bandwidth .. input and output.

Output is worse with thumbs…better output with keyboards.

Futile … leaky .. (pour out)

‘Unequivocal’ // equivocal — equally+call

how can we use Technology to augment us

High bandwidth brain

Fingers too slow to communicate

Our cortex tries to make limbic system happy

Limbic system is in charge ***

Super-human cognition // google pixel and buds?

Sum of human will ***

We are already cyborgs // our data rate … cybernetic extension is very slow.

How to increase information flow?

High-bandwidth *** // solve data rate problem

Chimps are mean!!! (Chimpanzee documentary )

Chimps are cruel ***

Chimp: calculated cruelty


How much do we think about chimps? Yet they’re at war!

Is our ultimate goal to give birth to something new… greater?

How can we use technology to augment ourselves? // super-human?

Some of the people who seemingly look happiest…are actually the most depressed!

‘We constantly re-baseline our expectations’ with others!

People want to be their own PR agent

Is there such thing as #nofilter? — …

‘Adulation’ // fawn on

Thought experiment: make a bot that automaticaly gives you likes, bots that tell you that you look great?

We will want to ‘interface’ with augmented reality .. simulation virtual reality ?

13.8 billion years old -> universe age?!!!

Civilization: 7-8000 years old (only!)

Whats the ‘rate of improvement’?

  1. Games will be indistinguished from reality
  2. Civilization will end

‘Symbiotic relationship’ vs ‘asymbiotic relationship’


‘Manufactured’ like that!

You must be optimistic about the future!

Better to be optimistic and wrong … than pessimistic and right.


Its ultimately gonna end…matter of when

How to last longer (live longer)?

‘Substrate’ // under surface

1 year for movie – > 1 hour film // cgi + editing = fun action movie

Why would you live a boring life? ***

When you’re in VR … where are you…really? Its perception!

Are we already in computers?

Humans like to change reality and environment!

Take the set of actions that are more likely to make the future better


‘It seemed like fun’

‘Easter egg’!! ****

People don’t even know they should search for it *******

‘Buy the most fun thing ever’ — Tesla not really a car // thing to maximize enjoyment

Maximize enjoyment // maximize fun ***

‘Gasoline car’ // film camera

Weird thrill from haptic feedback…mechanical …

Barbell between pure mechanical vs electric!

‘Gasoline car’


3d tunnels… you can go down!!!! [unlimited] down — 3d solution to 2d problem?

3d photo demonstration?

‘Rocket thruster’

‘Air bearings’

Elon Musk is an engineer… not ‘business person’

Vacuum … mag lev + vacuum = max speed?

How to max speed and strength?

I have a design …. Just design stuff


Super-sonic (sonic) — faster than sound (sonic)

With engineering and physics ; technically anything is possible… in law of physics…

“I thought about this quite a lot”

Overcome gravitational potential energy

Gravitational potential energy of height

Plane as a ‘force balance’


Thrusting device

What creates drag in our lives?

Focus on what is important and necessary ***

Source of all energy…sun…store in batteries!!!

‘Hyper miled’


The point isn’t electric cars… the point is to transition to renewable energy … to protect earth!!! ***

How to feel like superman!

Whats the point of human racing… when AI can do it better?


Gas car: lots of latency.

How to remove latency?

Electric motor: better reaction time

Car/ai : 1000 FPS!!!!

Give others benefit of the doubt; assume theyre good people!

Innocent until proven otherwise.


What are bottle necks…holding back innovation?

Most people don’t have top secret stuff,…nobody really cares…

Do people really care for …. Security?

Privacy: you think other people will care about… but they really don’t!!!

‘False premise’

‘Validate an idea ‘ // or ‘in-validate’


‘Turbo lag’ —


Not fast…but so satisfying… “satisfying’ — mechanical.. why?

‘Isolation tank’


What would happen if you became ultra ultra ultra zen-tech monk?

Weed not good for productivity

‘I like to get things done’ // ‘ be useful’

Weed: not good at being useful

Doing something useful for other people that I like doing ***

Do useful things for other people that you like doing! *

‘Ill try it’

‘Focal point’

‘Distill the mind’

‘Never ending explosion’

Bunch of ideas bounding around in your head,,,all the time

Maximize the probability the future is good…make the future something you’re looking forward to!

Make things that people love!

Very few things we buy really give us joy…

Make something that people love

What are the set of things we can do to make people better // space-faring

Make yourself look forward to the future; look forward to the future!

Look forward to waking up in the morning! ***

Do you look forward to waking up tomorrow ? Do you wake up excited?

500 million years

Great future…wonderful thing!

Multi-Planet species

Im pro human *** // I love humanity, it is great!

Strangely … why do some people say they don’t like humans?


corny…love is the answer. doesnt hurt having more love in the world

Deleting social media… spend more time with real life friends

Delete social media, 10% happiness more.


“Instagram is so thirsty, yet gives you Death by Water,” Musk tweeted in response to a question about what drove him to delete his account on the social media platform.
Musk also tweeted an alternative explanation: “Didn’t ‘like’ it”.


Easier to be mean on social media, then be mean in real life.

People should be nicer to others…give more credit to others…assume people aren’t mean

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