ERIC KIM Consulting

If you’re looking to find more personal meaning from your photography or to take your photography to the next level, commission ERIC KIM Consulting to gain personal feedback on your photos, mentorship, and direction for your photography.

Bespoke attention to your personal goals

I want to help you achieve your own personal life/photo goals, using my personal experience as well as my knowledge on photography, art, and philosophy.

We all have different goals in our photography and life. Your goals can include getting more exposure for your work, to gain more personal meaningful from your photography, to rank higher in Google SEO, or to find more inspiration/motivation in your photography.

Your personal goals are different from anyone else. I want to help you achieve your personal maximum in photography and life.

Why 1:1?

I like helping people. For myself, I think the purpose of my life is to both empower myself to the maximum, as well as empower others. I gain much personal meaning to know that I am helping others unlock their potential — because this is the way I can leave my personal mark on humanity and society.

I also recognize that your needs are different. I realize that your schedule is unique, your life circumstances are unique, and your goals are unique.

The only way for you to achieve your personal maximum is to get individual attention — 1:1; no distractions. 100% focus on you.

The attention is on you.

I know for myself in the past, one of the biggest difficulties I faced was not knowing whether I was heading in the right direction in my photography. I wanted feedback and honest critique on my own photos, style, and approach. I was hungry to learn new techniques, new approaches, and new ideas.

I want my consulting sessions to be the ultimate life-hack and creative short-cut for you. Essentially I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made, and I don’t want you to waste your efforts/time on aimless endeavors. I want you to optimize and maximize your skills, your strengths, and your artistic vision to fulfill your own creative destiny.

Fulfill your personal maximum

With ERIC KIM Consulting, expect:

  1. Identify your creative strengths: I don’t want you to become a clone of me. I also don’t want you to become anyone else but yourself. You have a unique set of life circumstances, experiences and creative strengths. I want to help you maximize your own creative strength, by identifying your strength, and helping you develop and grow your creative vision.
  2. Bespoke creative assignments: Once we have identified what your personal creative strengths are, then we can work towards helping you achieve your personal artistic maximum. I will create unique creative assignments personally tailored to you, which will give you direction, focus, and creative accountability which will take your photography to the next level.
  3. Honest feedback & critique: One of the most challenging difficulties in your photographic/artistic path is to receive honest feedback and critique on your photos. I won’t beat around the bush, nor will I give you false encouragement (the type of feedback we usually get on Facebook, Instagram, and social media). I will help direct your creative energies to only focus on your personal strengths, and not to waste your time on what isn’t worth your time and effort.
  4. Inspiration/motivation: To be frank, I always struggle with inspiration and motivation in my own photography and artistic pursuits. If you feel like you’re in a creative slump and need a boost of motivation and inspiration, ERIC KIM Consulting is for you. I will remind you, pump you up, and give you that shot of creative inspiration when you’re lacking it. I believe in your potential, and I want to see evolve into a greater visual-artist photographer.
  5. Artistic evolution: I want you to become ‘all that you can be.’ Why settle? I want you to become the best possible photographer, with the maximum amount of artistic vision and skills.

In-Person or Online

To accommodate to your (very busy and hectic) schedule, we can tailor the consulting session(s) to your own personal needs. It can be in-person, online, or a hybrid of both.

Achieve your photo dreams

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Creative projects we can work on together:

  1. Book project: If your desire is to create a photo book, zine (digital or print), I can help you achieve your dream. We can work to prototype your book together via Adobe Indesign, Apple iBooks Author, and I can assist you with the editing (selection of images), formatting, and promotion.
  2. Photography project: If you want to work on a specific photography project (with a certain theme or subject-matter in mind) I can help you direct the project, or even conceptualize a new project you desire to pursue. This will benefit you greatly if you thrive in creative structure.
  3. Website/blog creation: If you desire to create your own photography website, portfolio, or blog, I can help you achieve this. I can help you curate your work to publish your best work online, help you build an online presence/following, and also teach you how to rank higher in Google SEO search/optimization. Furthermore, if you desire to start your own YouTube channel or to gain more social media followers, I can give you practical strategies, tips, and techniques how to build your influence.
  4. Monetization/Entrepreneurship: If your desire is to monetize your passion for photography to make it into a living, I can help you build a business plan to make your dream into a reality.

How far can you fly?

You got nothing to lose, everything to gain.

I don’t want to waste your time, nor waste your money. I put my entire heart and soul into seeing you thrive, because your success is my success.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I am personally invested in you.

To put my personal skin in the game, if you’re not 100% satisfied with my consulting, advice, or approach with you, I guarantee your money back. Because if you’re not 100% satisfied, I don’t want to accept your hard-earned cash.

Invest in yourself

I currently offer three consulting services:

  1. Creative direction consulting: A single session (3 hours) dedicated to your own personal needs. Ideal for getting feedback, constructive critique on your photography, portfolio, or to gain more direction in your artistic pursuits. Investment: 990 USD.
  2. Project-formation consulting: Four separate sessions (2 hours each session), to help you develop your artistic vision and potential. Ideal for developing your book project, developing a new photography project, or social media marketing strategy-development. Investment: 2490 USD.
  3. Full-stack development consulting: Eight separate sessions (2 hours each session), to give you the ultimate bespoke experience to develop yourself creatively. Ideal if you want a longer-term mentorship relationship to develop yourself to the maximum of your creative potential. Investment: 4490 USD.

To learn how I can help empower you, to give me specifications on your creative projects and needs, and to book my services, email me at