Dear friend,

Here are some tips on how to be more confident:

1. Don’t censor yourself

The first lesson; don’t censor yourself. Say what is really on your mind.

I you see someone as attractive, tell them straight up. Tell them, ‘I think you are beautiful.’ Straight face. No bullshit or embellishment. Maintain eye contact, and give a friendly smile. And tell them why you think they are beautiful. Not just their appearance, but what about their soul do you find beautiful?

2. Get cut

The second thing— get cut.

Cut your body fat. I think it is more important to cut body fat than to ‘add’ body mass, or muscles.

This is for the ladies and the men. When we have less superfluous fat and weight on us— we feel leaner, meaner, more sharp.

Don’t be humble. Shoot selfies of your progress in losing body fat.

For me I prefer people showing off their bodies (because it is about their self-work, determination, and hard work ethic) rather than people showing off their fancy luxury goods. I admire the bodies of people more than the possessions of people.

But of course, at the end of the day — the most admirable thing is the mind, heart, and soul of someone else.

3. Play empowering music

Before I write (like now) I like to listen to empowering music — like ‘Black Skinhead’ from my buddy Kanye West, or my buddy Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN.’ album. It helps me get in the ‘zone.’

Whatever that music may be for you —heavy metal music, hip hop music, or even jazz or something else— listen to music that uplifts your soul. That makes you feel like you are connected with the rest of the world.

4. Just do it.

Don’t think too much — just be like a big ass kid, and just DO IT.

And in photography, JUST SHOOT IT.

And watch the movie: FIGHT CLUB

Be strong,

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