⁃   some men want to see the world burn.
⁃   he’s a silent guardian; a watchful protector; a DARK KNIGHT
⁃   why so serious?

Batman: [as Joker is holding Rachel out a window] Let her go!
The Joker: [giving him a look] Very poor choice of words…

‘introduce a little anarchy— upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos.’


‘sometimes the truth isn’t good enough; sometimes people deserve more. sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded.’

Believe in things: honor, respect.



‘you truly are incorruptible.’

people are full and ready to believe in good!

don’t let your spirit be broken


Im the black knight!!!!

good cop vs bad cop?


are you the real batman?

then why do you dress like him?

**‘hes a symbol’ — BE A syMBOL! **

Be a symbol; what do i stand up for — eternal symbol?

How to build morals, code, and follow myself?

ill be casted out like a leper. thats ok.

people eat each other.

ONE RULE: only sensible way to live in this world is without rules

no rules in life.

what is skitzophrenia?

‘tonight you’re all going to be part of a social experiment’

each of you have a remote to blow up the other boat.

people are dying; what you want me to do? ENDURE IT — take it, they will hate you for it, but that is the point of batman . he can be the outcast. he can make the choice that no-one else can make; the right choice.

ill be outcast for doing the right thing.

**Batman can’t endure this! **

think of your alter-ego — to empower yourself// you’re different.

know your limits//batman has no limits. well you do — well, i can’t afford to know them.

‘more copycats; with guns’ – people copycat batman?

‘you thought we could be decent men, but you were wrong. the world is cruel. 50/50 chance.’

keep faith in people // i have to sacrifice for greater good?

how can i be a vigilante; and be the change i want to see?

sacrifice myself; be like a savior — be a pirate, generous? distribute the booty with all — genghis khan.


‘will the real batman please stand up?’

CARBON FIBER — camera tools?

Carbon fiber camera bag; or something strong and light?

how to make my own carbon fiber at home?

‘what gives the right? whats the difference between you and me?’

all black like batman.

poison that scares people; what is the antidote to fear?

‘you make your own luck’

‘this is too much power for one person’

let the state watch us for ‘safety’?

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