The Top 50+ Street Photographers on Google+

Hey streettogs, I recently put together this list of my favorite 50+ street photographers on Google+ (also based on your recommendations!). Although I got mad love for my folks on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and now 500px— Google+ is definitely a great place to stumble upon beautiful photos and interact. The people at the Google+ team (I’m looking at you +Brian Rose!) have done a fantastic job integrating Picasa and a combination of their past Google Buzz and Wave products.

Apologies that this list is not as thorough as I would like it to be (and I’m sure I forgot a few people–sorry!). However check out this list of amazing street photographers on Google+ below (rated in no particular order) and don’t forget to add +Eric Kim as well! ;)

  1. +Thomas Leuthard
  2. +Juergen Buergin
  3. +Charlie Kirk
  4. +Jason Martini
  5. +Greg Schmigel
  6. +Markus Hartel
  7. +Chun Tong Chung
  8. +Simon Garnier
  9. +Leanne Staples
  10. +Santi Garcia
  11. +Robert M Johnson
  12. +Robert Larson
  13. +Charalampos Kydonakis
  14. +Victor Bezrukov
  15. +Felipe Apostol
  16. +Jon Savage
  17. +Kevin WY Lee
  18. +Chris Weeks
  19. +Chris Sorensen
  20. +Jason S Moore
  21. +FFrame Fabrianski
  22. +Matt Weber
  23. +Mattias Leppaniemi
  24. +Mihailo Radicevic
  25. +Bo Lorentzen
  26. +Guideo Steenkamp
  27. +John Daley
  28. +Manuel Guerzoni
  29. +Ed Leveckis
  30. +David Jakelic
  31. +Aaron Sosa
  32. +Cyrus Katrak
  33. +Jonathan Hui
  34. +Kevin Meredith
  35. +Ricardo Liberato
  36. +Sung Hong
  37. +Bryan Formhals
  38. +James Dodd
  39. +Trond Lindholm
  40. +Hiroyuki Ogura
  41. +Dairou Koga
  42. +Ontoshiki Vun
  43. +Bellamy Hunt
  44. +Anthony Lima Mok
  45. +Justin Vogel
  46. +Tony Martin
  47. +Sean Wood
  48. +Ludmilla Morais
  49. +Danny Santos
  50. +Peter Earl McCollough
  51. +Dominique Jost
  52. Your recommendation

Which street photographers would you add to this list? Leave a link to your recommendation below and tell us why!