Minimalist Thoughts

Just moved to LA, Culver City, and love you my brand new apartment. In the process of moving, we threw away a lot of stuff and got rid of a lot of stuff. Yet still the elusive question is this:

What to keep, what to ditch?

Throwing stuff away

I have a theory; that is, in America, in the west, a lot of Asian people, the general ethos is this: it is sinful or bad or evil or foolish to throw things away. One must hold onto things forever, because you never “know when“.

Yet the problem is this; 99.99% of the time, nothing ever happens. But they never comes. As a consequence, we foolishly hoard onto useless stuff, so many empty boxes, just throw it all away! In fact, I despise this hoarder mentality. I both find it foolish, and unaesthetic.

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