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Forms vs Ideas in Photography

In photography, let us consider the two subjects at hand:

  1. The forms we strive to capture through photography (composition, the subjects we photograph, the shapes of things in our photos)
  2. The idea or ideas we strive to capture and convey in our photos, for example the story in a photo, the message or moral/ethical takeaway in our photo, or our perspective in our photos.

Certainly both are important. The best photo as the photo that has a perfect hybrid between both notions! Beautiful form and forms, and also a powerful, impactful and moving idea or ideas in our photos!

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Physical Focus

Epiphany during one rep max attempt deadlifts:

Mental focus is overrated. It’s all about physical focus.

To focus my “mind” (body) to prepare myself and hype myself up and adrenaline boost myself to even *attempt* a new and foreign one rep max deadlift requires the elimination as many distractions as possible. No music, no recording myself (this throws me off), and no chit chat between sets (takes me a long time to focus).

Focus on physical focus … perhaps a new frontier?

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Seek Excellence in Things You Actually Like *to* Do.

The mistake we often make:

We strive to become excellent and to excel in things which society says is good (productivity, wealth generation, industriousness, etc).

But perhaps a better road to virtue and our personal thriving is instead to focus on becoming excellent in that which we actually like and love and are passionate about, rather than what society says is “good for us”.

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Excellence is a Habit

Following in the footsteps of good old Aristotle:

It seems simple … if we desire to excel in a given field or activity, we must habitually practice it … for fun, self interest and desire for growth and depth and profundity.

Not to “force” yourself to perform certain habits against your own will, but to follow these habits from a source of pride and desire to excel?

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Photographing With No Filter in Small JPEG

Certainly filters are good in photography. However I’ve also found a great joy in shooting with no filter — just intelligent auto (iA) mode on Lumix G9 camera. And the benefit of shooting small JPEG — less friction. Less future worries about storage, quicker transfer and upload times, and ability to shoot more carelessly! To enjoy shooting for the sake of shooting!

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A thought:

In today’s world, in which function is soooo easily fulfilled by cheap goods (made in China) available at Walmart, Amazon, Dollar Tree, etc… perhaps the future is pure aesthetics, for the sake of aesthetics and beauty?

And if we are truly honest with ourselves… who buys anything consumerist related for the function? To live a modern life is soooo easy. Now, beauty, shapes, forms, aesthetics, philosophy, ethics and approach reigns supreme.

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Not Willpower; Bodypower

Bodily awareness. More wisdom in the body, muscle and sinews than the “mind”.

When we think about “willpower”, we tend to think about the mind. Why the focus on the mind? We like to think that the mind is immortal… and after we die, somehow our mind or “soul” will continue to live indefinitely. Also, the hope of Silicon Valley utopists about somehow uploading your mind or consciousness to the cloud and living forever or whatever.

However, my thought:

When we think about “willpower” in the general sense, all our “willpower” actually is rooted and comes from our body.

In other words, respect and obey your body!


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Physical and Physiological Strength and Well Being is the Genesis of All Good Things

First, optimize for your physical, physiological health and well being. Sleeping 10+ hours a night without waking up to the agency of an alarm clock. Sleeping before midnight. Muscles full, supple and ripe and full of energy and zest to take on and to conquer the day. If we focus on our physiological strength, rest, recovery and bodily well being, everything else will come quite naturally to us!

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What we are seeking isn’t to “optimize” our lives in the sense of making our lives more “efficient”. Actually what we are seeking is to improve or “betterfy” or “betterify” our lives!

So in simple terms when making any certain life decisions ask yourself the simple question:

Will this action make my life better or worse?

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People who *seem* to be the most racist aren’t, and the people who seem to be the least racist often are.

If someone says to you:

“Not to sound racist but x, y, z” this means they’re a racist.

However if someone openly says something that *sounds* racist, it often isn’t. Things that sounds racist are often people who are ignorant or don’t “know any better”.

Beware, those who seem the most “woke”, “progressive”, “liberal”, and “democratic” are often the most low-key racist.

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Drink coffee when you have high energy, not when you are tired and have low energy

When you’re tired and have low energy, perhaps best to eat some meat and take a nap. Or just take a cold shower and a nap. Or a hot bath, followed by a cold shower and a nap. And to prioritize sleeping early that day, to power up for the next day.

Coffee as a best stimulant not when you’re tired, but ironically when you’re well rested and full of energy, and drinking coffee *enhances* your well-being?

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Lots of Really Small Fires are Better than One Really Big Fire

For example, lots of small fires can be controlled but one really huge fire cannot.

So also perhaps in relationships, better to have lots of small little scuffles and arguments (which can be quickly and easily consoled) rather than one really huge argument which can lead to a divorce or even something worse which cannot be fixed.

Focus on minimizing your downside when it comes to error, and also be very anxious and paranoid when it can come to a really huge accident which can end your life (for example, best to be hyper paranoid when driving a car or riding a bicycle in a city), because these accidents can truly end your life or end up leaving you having some sort of permanent disfigurement.

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Don’t React, Respond, or Acknowledge Petty Remarks from Others

A good stoic way to approach and live life:

If you’re part of society and not a recluse, when you interact or engage with others who are pretty, just ignore them, don’t acknowledge what they said, and perhaps just act if you didn’t even hear what they said.

This as a means to become less emotionally sensitive, and to become less petty, for us to become bigger and more!