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10 Simple Creativity Ideas for You

Some simple creativity ideas:

  1. Just do it on the iPad. Funny enough, I see the iPhone as anti-creativity. The canvas is too small, and I think for the most part, iPhone breeds for bad habits. iPad on the other hand is a much larger creative canvas, and is better for illustration, the procreate app, viewing and reviewing your photos, calligraphy, etc. While I do not see the iPad as a full laptop replacement, it is a full stack creative powerhouse. I said instead of getting an iPhone Pro, just get a iPhone SE, and get iPad Pro instead.
  2. Just do it manually. Manual means hand. The more you could use your hands, the better. Raising Seneca I have discovered that there is a deep connection between what you do with your hands, learning, and enjoyment.
  3. Use voice dictation on iPhone or iPad. If you have an iPhone or iPad, enable dictation, and just use your voice to dictate your thoughts. I have discovered that there is something very natural about standing upright, walking around, and just using your voice to dictate your thoughts. If you think about ancient Greek in Homeric times, the great orators had iron lungs. And there is something more primal about using your voice than using your fingers to type, which is a lot less natural.
  4. To become more creative is via negativa. Funny enough I’ve actually discovered that in order to become more creative, you want fewer apps, and also fewer sources of inspiration. The tricky thing is that we need some outside influence, but not too much. It is a dosage dependent thing. For example, having 1 to 3 cups of coffee a day during the morning is good, but having 50 cups of coffee a day is bad. I think in today’s world with all the streaming services and entertainment sources, it is like equivalent of drinking 1000 cups of coffee a day. Not good. As a simple creative exercise, I say that for entire month, unsubscribe from all your streaming services. Don’t look at YouTube. Uninstall social media. And your ultimate source of inspiration is just going out, going to the streets, going to public places, and just shooting things with your camera.
  5. Kinetic creativity: all artwork is rooted in the physical. When I say physical I mean I was literally walking around, moving our bodies, etc. If you want to become more creative, I just say do more physical activity and exercise. For example, go to the nearby park and do a bunch of chin ups, go to the gym and going to powerlifting, or just buy a heavy kettle bell and work out at home. I think I might be the first person to discover that there is actually a link between art and adrenaline. The more I get amped up at the gym, the more creative ideas I get. For example, I’ve discovered more about myself, in reality, from deadlifting 475 pounds, than all these books of philosophy and wisdom combined.
  6. Buy a cheap espresso machine. Cindy recently picked up a cheap Delonghi espresso machine, singleserve, for the house, an Amazon open box purchase, and it only cost 100 bucks. Waking up and being able to pull my own espresso at home is great. Also we buy the light roast Ethiopian fresh roast coffee on Amazon, which is great. Do not become dependent on coffee shops. You become your own coffee shop, your own barista.
  7. Deep nutrition: I found it very fascinating that when you study wild predators, when they kill their prey, the first thing they do is consume the organ meats, like the liver heart and offal, and leave the rest of the lean flesh for the scavengers. What this means is this: liver, heart, and organ meats have the most nutrition. Recently on a trip to Charlottesville, I stopped by a local butcher, and started buying beef liver. I also find it fascinating that beef liver has one of the highest sources of cholesterol, which is essentially a steroid. Also, the more you consume foods high in cholesterol, it acts as a natural testosterone booster. Therefore as a simple thought: if you increase your testosterone, will it also augment your artistic abilities? I think so.
  8. Travel: pretty basic but one of the biggest benefits of traveling is that it forces you to innovate your life and approach. A lot of people actually do not want to travel because it is not like home, and you’ll not have access to the same things you are used to. But this is actually a good thing. Always having access to everything is bad. It causes you to become stuck in your ways, and what creativity actually is is being able to discover new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking about things. Therefore, living a semi nomadic life is probably best, if you want to augment your creativity. Therefore if you have the option, and if your job allows it, move around, and don’t stay in one place for too long. If you stay in one spot for too long, it breeds stagnation. And stagnation is bad for creativity.
  9. Vibram five fingers shoes: the best shoes are Vibram five finger shoes. Why? It is essentially like walking around barefoot. And our feet actually has one of the highest density of receptors. Nassim Taleb mentions in his book anti-fragile that there is a theory that our feet are actually able to map out the natural environment. And there is also a reason why getting a foot massage actually stimulates your thoughts. I think there’s actually a very strong link between the stimulation you get the bottom of your feet, and your intelligence. Also, the reason why humans are so intelligent is because we are bipeds, and walk around a lot. The days where I walk the most, around 30,000 steps, is the days that I get the most creative ideas. The more foam you have on your shoes, the worse. It is like putting a very very thick condom on. Who wants that?
  10. think classic: the best creative ideas are very old-school. Ancient Greek times. Read the Iliad by homer, the odyssey, ancient Greek poetry, Horace, and philosophers like Heraclitus. For the most part, all modern ideas are not very interesting. I have discovered that after reading all these books on business and innovation, that all modern books try to turn you into a machine, or try to maximize your money making potential. True creativity is rooted in the past.

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Creative sources of inspiration

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2001 Space Odyssey

Watch some Stanley Kubrick films, or Akira Kurosawa. Roshomon or Stray Dog by Kurosawa.

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