Great! Some reasons:

First of all, my son Seneca loves it. At age 1 year, 3 months he already knows how to use it! Just click the top record red button on top, and it automatically turns on and starts recording.

Secondly, files look great. 1080p, 60fps (exporting it down to 720p, 60fps) looks great. Video files look waaaay better than iPhone Pro to me.

Third, more fun to shoot with a GoPro than an iPhone or any other phone camera. Video on GoPro is so much more fun because you don’t need to worry about focusing or anything. Also the uber-wide mode (‘super wide mode’) is very fun. Also the built-in image stabilization for GoPro 10 is insanely good.

Fourth, more playful. To just shoot random clips of whatever on a GoPro is far more fun and playful than a ‘serious’ video camera.


Fifth, because it is so robust, it can be easily banged around (literally by Seneca), and I have zero concern of it scratching, breaking, etc. Compare this to an iPhone or any smartphone — you are always concerned about scratching it.

Sixth, the Quik GoPro app is actually really good.

Seventh, price is super good!

Eighth, it is super small. I just keep it in my front left pocket.