Is it significant or not? Is the truth significant or not?

One of the things I’ve learned from Cindy, and history as a discipline, is the notion of significance. Ultimately, with almost all matters, you could put it in a binary: is it significant or not significant? Or when you are trying to advance an argument, you must be clear what the significance of your statement is.

And this is the big downside of all conspiracy theories: even if the conspiracy were true, would it be significant in your own real life? Most of the time no.

For example, there are 1 billion conspiracy theories when it comes to politics, or global affairs. But, even if the conspiracy theories were true, would it actually change how you live your life? Most likely not. The only thing that really might affect you include your household indoor politics and economics, your neighborhood, and then maybe your local city. Let us also not forget the ancient Greek notion of economics, which literally means household management. In other words, the original notion of economics was not related to worldwide financial institutions, but literally how you conducted the affairs of your own house: how you manage your own personal affairs in your home, your slaves, your servants, your animals, your food, and your children, your maids, and your wife. Very interesting to note that at least to my understanding, the ancient Greek‘s did not have multiple wives, only one.

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