The difference between an aspirational reality, and that lived reality this: the aspirational lifestyle is what we desire to do, or how we desire to structure our days in our lives. The lived reality is based on your experience.

For example, aspirationally we like the notion of black cars, and black phones and black devices, and black clothes. But if you live in hot and sunny Southern California, or any other hot weather city you will quickly discover that black is very bad. A black car is the worst type of color if you live in Southern California, as you literally spend 90% of your day cleaning your car, waxing your car, and also blasting your AC to keep your interior cool. Also, the downside of a black car in Southern California is longevity. Paint of black cars simply don’t last. Even if you get a matte black wrap on your car, it might only last three years tops.

Even something subtle I’ve discovered is that living in Southern California, and when it’s really hot and sunny outside, if you own a black phone, it overheats very easily. When the phone is too hot, it automatically makes the screen much more dim, to prevent the phone from overheating. If you live in Southern California, buying a white iPhone is much more smart. Also, if you live in Southern California do not buy a dark car. The best car color for Southern California is either white, yellow, and if you want something more edgy, go for red.

Avoid dreams, or fantasies.

In America, we are taught that having a dream is a good thing. The dream job, the dream lifestyle, the dream girlfriend or wife, the dream car, the dream everything. Even Martin Luther King Jr. said I had a dream. But is having a dream such a good thing?

If you think about it, dreams are not real. When you sleep, you have a dream which is not rooted in reality. I say better than dreams is challenges. Because a lot of peoples dreams are materialistic and consumptive dreams. But the true order of things is to do, create, be active, and change and accomplish things. Therefore, if you set certain challenges for yourself, you actually have the opportunity to use your strength and ingenuity to attempt to achieve these challenges. And once you’re done with the challenge, make an even greater one.