White and Black

A thought about design: assuming that black-and-white photography is our passion, when it comes to design, technically anything we photograph will only render as either black or white. Therefore, maybe the idea then is when it comes to purchasing things in real life, assume that it will only render as either black or white.

For example, let us say that you buy that brand new hyper sports car, maybe the best is to buy a white car with black accents, with maximum contrast which will show up in the photograph. Because if you buy a red car, and you shoot black-and-wife photos, you will not be able to see the red in your photographs. Therefore, if you buy a brand new Porsche GT 3, or even a brand new Lamborghini, maybe it is actually best to buy it in white, with as many black accessories as possible.

The downside of buying a car which is all black is that you don’t see any of the design subtleties, and you cannot actually see much of a silhouette.

Also, maybe when it comes to fashion, the best fashion design is actually both black and white. Not all black everything. For example, if you desire to wear a black shirt and black pants, may be best to wear white shoes to show off the contrast. Or have black shoes with white stripes. Or another thought is if you wear a black shirt, wear white pants.

Add more white to your life

It seems that nowadays black is the dominant color. But, do you remember how revolutionary Apple was when it first made the white iPod, and the white headphones? Even today, Apple only makes its AirPods in all white. In the all white design for the AirPods is great, as you could see the black accent marks.

Matte white is the Future?

It seems that matte black is a bit played out, that means, everyone has already done it. Much more innovative to do matte white.

Then perhaps, your next Apple device should be white. Also I’ve discovered the downside of owning a black iPhone is that it gets really hot, especially in Southern California summertime. If you own a white iPhone, it stays much more cool, therefore perhaps it has better battery life. Also, if you think about it, the silver aluminum of a MacBook laptop is more pure than a space gray one. Why? Space gray is simply a coating applied to the aluminum, whereas the aluminum is actually the pure substance. In Japanese aesthetics, they call this honesty of materials. For example, if something is plastic, don’t try to make it look like fake wood. If something is wood, don’t paint over it and make it look like something else.

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