Clothing is Our Armor

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

One of my favorite Swedish proverbs, learned from my friend Mattias.

The reason why I love the saying is that it is insanely motivational, and empowering. This means, we are not at the mercy of weather. Rather, if we are simply well equipped, we could take on anything, and do anything.

The secret seems to layer up. This is what I learned from my mom who is an avid backpacker, and also from outdoorsy folk. Wear lots of layers of merino wool, and different shells. When you’re too hot just takeoff one layer. And if you’re still cold, add more layers.

How not to get depressed during the winter time

One thing I learned after living on the East Coast during the winter time is that a lot of winter time depression happens as a result of leaving your house less, and walking around less. However, even in the thick of winter time, if you have the best clothes, which emboldened you enough to go outdoors and spend enough time outdoors, they should mostly fight off the depressing effects of the winter time. We must strive to conquer the winter, rather than the reverse.

The 30,000 steps a day challenge

One of my random goals for the new year is to try to walk at least 30,000 steps a day. This is very interesting because it totally changes my life and lifestyle approach.

Rather than striving to just stay at home with my laptop or devices, I just seek to wear the right equipment, the right minimal shoes, and the right clothes to walk around as much as humanly possible. Do not drive, and just to walk really far to go to places, even to get a cup of coffee.

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