Make the best out of what you got, rather than wishing things were otherwise.

In order to get more out of life, rather than wishing things were different, better to best harness what you already got, and to exploit it to the maximum.

For example with photography, rather than desiring to live in interesting place, best to just exploit your current city to the maximum. Better to be the first person to photograph your own boring town, than be one of the billion photographers who already photographed New York City to death.

Or consider all of the great philosophers who decided to intentionally not live in Greece, even though Greece was the epicenter of all philosophical activities.

Or in other words, better to transform your boring city or town into a great place, instead of moving to a great place and thinking that the place will form you. Rather than seeking to move to New York City in order to “find yourself“, best to stay home and figure out how to transform it into an interesting place. And you become the prime mover.

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