Question: what is it that we actually want from our cars?


If you live in America, or Southern California, a Car is a good enabler. it enables you to go on more adventures, to go on more road trips, to mark on more experiences. If you don’t live in a central downtown area, it seems that it is better to own a car than to not own a car.

But why do we want innovations from our cars?

Self driving?

For me, it seems that the real big innovation in cars isn’t necessarily electric cars, but self driving cars. For example, if self driving cars can prevent you from dying in a car accident, it is a very good innovation. In fact, I trust self driving cars more than human driven cars, because nowadays everyone text while driving, which is extremely dangerous.

Even for myself now that I got a kid and I’m chronically sleep deprived, there have been many cases in which I wish I had a car that drove itself, especially on the highway.

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