A computer — either a laptop, phone, tablet, and now I suppose cars (self driving Tesla) and digital cameras. I consider all these “computers”. But the question:


1. Augmenting our capabilities

With a computer, we can do more. For example whenever I send out an email newsletter, it is like I am augmenting my voice and lungs 10000x. Without technology and computers, I would probably only be one of those weird guys on a corner with a microphone and loudspeaker, and my voice is not scalable. For example digital photos are scalable and in theory infinite — you can infinitely duplicate, spread and share digital photos, whereas with printed analogue photos … you can’t.

2. Computers as tools to make digital art

The biggest thing:

Computers are phenomenal because before them… making artwork was 10000x more difficult.

Consider procreate and zen brush 2. Before these apps, having to buy a photoshop license was insanely expensive, and before photoshop, you’re restricted to expensive art tools. And with calligraphy, you needed all these expensive materials and tools. With computers like the iPad, you no longer need expensive tools. The iPad as a “one stop shop” for all things visually creative.

3. Augmenting the world around us

matrix green 3d neo-sees-the-truth-2-scaled.jpg

Now with LIDAR, virtual reality and other augmented reality tools … we can literally see the world differently.

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