My friend Don told me this funny saying — “No risk it, no biscuit”. As I follow a no-carb diet (only meat and butter leafy greens), I prefer my version — “No risk it, no brisket”.

But isn’t meat supposed to be bad for you?

Contrary to popular believe, I actually think that modern Americans don’t eat enough meat. Instead, most modern Americans eat a shit load of carbs, bread, sweets, sugar, sugary nutrition bars, sugary drinks, etc. I actually don’t think people eat that much meat anymore.

For example, I could easily put down 3 pounds of beef in one sitting, versus the average person could barely eat half a pound.

Carbohydrates, sugars, starches, and sweet things are the enemy, not meat.

Why plant-based things are extremely profitable

Whenever you purchase a plant-based anything, you can eat unhealthy foods with a good conscience. Because it is “plant-based“!

Example, a plant-based burger with “veganaise” (which is just canola oil) feels less guilt ridden than eating 10 burger patties from In-N-Out (blasted with mustard), no bun.

Also, meat is more expensive than carbs. Therefore businesses and restaurants actually have a strong financial motive to sell more plant-based things. Because it is more profitable. and also people have the bias that plants are necessarily healthier than meat, and that’s the trend will continue.

Plant-based sugar still makes you fat

It doesn’t matter if the sugar is natural or artificial, it will still make you fat. And I have a theory that even “0 cal” sweeteners actually in fact to do stimulate in provoke your body’s natural insulin response, which will lead to fat storage. Once again my theory is that even 0 cal sweeteners will make you fat. Anyone who believes the calories in, calories out theory is either misguided or not scientific or empirical enough. Rather, fat accumulation is more of a matter of hormones and insulin signaling, then simple numbers.

And just because it’s natural doesn’t mean that it won’t make you fat. For example, even if you eat honey (no matter how non-GMO and organic it is) it will make you fat.

Costco business Center for the best brisket

This is the number one tip I learned from my sister-in-law Kim, that as you could buy really good brisket at the Costco business Center. You just buy a huge chunk and slice it up, and you could just pan fry it.