As many of you know, I am hopelessly addicted to coffee. I don’t think I’ve ever written a coffee review, but it looks like death wish coffee that you could just buy on Amazon is the one.

The taste: it is pretty good. Even for a dark roast. I think Deathwish coffee is made out of robusta beans which have a higher caffeine content. Even though the west is anti-robusta, one of my highly respectable coffee genius friends in Saigon told me that in fact, he liked robusta quite a lot. His ideal blend was actually 70% robusta and 30% arabica.

It works

If you’re wondering, yes it works. I actually have a theory that perhaps it is better to just drink one really really really strong cup of coffee in the morning once then lots of coffee throughout the day. Perhaps is better for productivity and also better for sleep at night.

For example when you wake up, hopefully well rested, just drink a highly concentrated and extracted form of death wish coffee, once, and no more coffee for the rest of the day. for example, I just drink a very strong cup of this at 9 AM, and I think I’m good for a coffee for the rest of the day.

Extraction method

I’ve used all the forms of coffee extraction at home and I’ve actually found the best is the clever dripper. It’s a great invention that one of our coffee supplier guru elders in Vietnam told us about. Easy to travel with, and it has lasted us many years. Essentially it’s like a V 60 pour over contraption, but with a lock mechanism at the bottom. So you could steep it out as long as you want (kind of like making a very thick cuppa coffee like a aero press) and once you extract it, it is a very nice strong and concentrated in the cup of coffee.

For me it’s like the consistency of espresso, with a nice form factor of a V60 cup of coffee.

Fact, I prefer drinking coffee out of the clever drip or than espresso. at least at home.

A life with coffee or without coffee?

I think a life with coffee is far more interesting. Even though perhaps a life without coffee is a more consistent one. sometimes I wish Cindy never addicted me to coffee, but then again, no regrets.

Ever since the birth of baby Seneca, my coffee and caffeine consumption has gone up a lot which has actually disturbed my sleep quite a bit. and this is the new tip: only drink coffee in the morning first thing you wake up. And don’t drink coffee for the rest of the day, no matter how tired you are. If you’re really tired somewhere in the middle of the day, best to just take a nap.

And after you take a shower and eat dinner, no devices. Insanely strict about this. instead — just lie in bed, put a towel or face mask over your eyes, and just lay there until you fall asleep.

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