In today’s pandemic world, it seems that digital art is the answer.

For example, in a world where everyone might be a disease vector, do you really want to send your kids to art school or to art lessons? Or would you rather than just do it at home?


Digital photography

More certainly than not, in the year 2021 and beyond it will all be digital photography. Certainly there is great value in film photography, but in a world where we are striving to make more art and also to share more art, film is more of a hindrance than a benefit.

The future of information and art

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All digital art is good art

I thought when I saw my nephew Benjamin playing with Legos: when you were a kid, the joy of Legos is the construction of things, and also the destruction of things. Thus perhaps in photography, or digital art, to create images as fun, but to also destroy them is also fun.

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