Selfie ERIC KIM and Seneca in and out

How to Do More Photography

Photography is my passion. And what brings me insane joy? To do more of it.

1. Becoming more efficient as a photographer

Selfie ERIC KIM and Seneca in and out

Any and every opportunity to make photos, whether out and about, at the local in and out burger joint, or even the new Amazon fresh.

To become more efficient in photography is to shoot more, look through more photos, select more, upload more, and share more.

2. To review your photos more frequently

To make it a daily ritual, and to make the photo review and editing process as seamless as possible. The joy of the new iPad m1 Pro with the USB C port— I can just plug in my SD USB C card reader into my iPad, and quickly review and import my photos and flag them in the default Apple Photos app, instead of the slow and cumbersome Lightroom. I prefer iPad over my laptop.

3. Every moment is special and beautiful

Every moment as a photo opportunity. To experiment more… to shoot things to “do it, to see how this moment will manifest as a photo”.

4. Go out more

My productivity as a photographer is directly proportional to how often I leave the house.

5. Look for the beauty in the details

Lately I’ve been enamored by the beauty in the details. To pinch in close and zoom into close of the details of my photos on my iPad and to see the beauty of the small details in what I photograph. The insane detail and sharpness of RICOH GR III.

6. Embrace your lifestyle as the supreme lifestyle

To not desire the life, or the lifestyle of anyone else, but besides what you got. To adapt. For example, both street photography and now my more domesticated family lifestyle.

All lifestyles are in flux, then the goal is to embrace any change your life, and to just photograph that.

7. Photograph text

Whenever you see interesting printed text, just photograph it.

8. Work the scene

The sucker mistake is thinking that there’s only one good photo to be made. Rather, treat it like a stop motion picture. Shoot lots of photos of the same thing.

9. Photograph iconography

There are many icons, logos, and symbols which govern our lives. Photograph those.

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