On Setting Audacious Goals for Yourself

I typically see goal setting as a bad thing, and as a trap. But perhaps to have some sort of general loose goal(s) in life can be good, at least with strength goals. For example, 100 kettlebell swings in a row, or a certain one rep max for your deadlift.

What makes a certain goal “audacious” or not?

Audere in Latin means “bold”. Audeo— I am bold, I dare. “Awideo” in proto indo European meaning to be greedy and to want much.

But then the irony:

To be bold and audacious then is moralized to be “bad”, if inherent in the notion that one wants much or is “greedy”.

Why is it a vice to be greedy and to want much?

Christian morality says to be greedy is evil. Why? The socialist notion of wanting the “best” for everyone. The zero sum notion:

If you have much, it means you’re stealing from me.

Perhaps that notion rang true in the past, but not anymore. If anything, we are suffering from the ills of uber-abundance — too much sugar and starch in our diets (obesity, overfat pandemic), which actually seems to attack both the rich and the poor.

Thinking beyond zero-sum

For myself, I see an insanely epic and prosperous future for all of us. Where we all have access to great and affordable creative tools, and all of our needs for existence are taken care of. Beyond the basics, everything else seems to be superfluous.

Focus on your own epic self development, and share your wealth and experiences with others

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