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The future is yours:

What if there is no road?

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There is no blueprint if you are to truly do something new (going from ‘zero’ to ‘one’). I think a little bit of insanity is wise as an entrepreneur. We need some self-blindness if we are to attempt the unknown, irrational and new.

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For example, when in 2010-2011 I thought of the idea of pursuing street photography as my full-time gig, the notion was considered ‘crazy’ by others. Why? Because nobody else had ever done it before! I was the first person to turn his passion for street photography into a profitable ‘career’.


Good personality traits

The reason why they say that successful entrepreneurs have some sort of low-level ‘Asperger’s’ (which I think is a blunt way to understand people with socially-aberrant traits) is this:

You care less about what others are doing, and you are more ‘selfish‘ and interested in your own pursuits.