Write What You’d Like to Read

Many writers are unsure what to write about. But the simple thought: simply write about what you would like to read.

Write What You’d Like to Read


Write What You’d Like to Read

For example, my initial impetus to starting this blog was simply to share information and experiences I wish I had access to if I started street photography all over again. For example, there were lots of photography blogs and websites with great street photographs on them, but no blogs sharing information on how to practically shoot street photography, like conquering the fear of shooting street photography and so forth.

There will always be a knowledge and information gap that you do not know, but as long as you share your experiences openly, freely and purely, you’re golden.

Another example: I’m always had certain philosophical questions on my mind, like questions about the meaning of life and happiness in life and so forth. And for me writing is a form of meta-thinking, that is as I’m writing about the question on my mind, I achieve some sort of better answer to my own questions. It’s also one of the great benefits of writing it’s a simple writing and blogging as augmented thinking.

So let us get rid of notions of good and bad writing, rather think about authentic or inauthentic thoughts.

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