Innovate the Creations Not the Tools

It seems in today’s world, we strive to buy new tools that we think will innovate our art creations. But perhaps it is best to just stick with the tools we already got, and to strive to innovate our creations instead.

Why do this? Because it is more challenging, fun, and interesting.

Also this is a way to avoid equipment creep, which is to have more superfluous equipment than you need.

Even if you were a billionaire, best to as many as few tools as possible and ideally own nothing. Even consider how Elon Musk about a year or two ago give away all of his stuff, and doesn’t even own his home. Also for myself, I would prefer to never own a car, and just Uber everywhere instead. Also, instead of owning a home, I would just ideally live inside a hotel, which is what me and Cindy did for about three months in Saigon Vietnam and I loved it.