The more you can simplify and streamline your life process, the better.

The best fashion as highly functional and streamlined. For example, the benefit of merino wool — streamlined living (the best material irregardless of weather conditions). Or military requirement being forest green — shows the least amount of dirt and grime when it gets dirty in the field.

Or with packing and putting away clothes — not to seek the “best” setup or the most “minimal” (often making things more minimal actually makes things more complicated)— just do what is easiest and most streamlined (often the best solution after moving is just quickly and efficiently stuffing things into drawers).

The upside of wearing the same all black outfit everyday (Steve Jobs, Mark Z idea)— streamline the clothes to maximize the artistic and creative output.

Or espresso over pour overs — far faster and more streamlined to make a good coffee in the morning.

Or the upside of having less square footage in your home — more streamlined process to find and get stuff and do stuff.

Also with creative workflow (one camera, one lens, preferably and uninterchangeable lens) to streamline your creative process and output.

High range electric cars — no need for frictionful oil changes or car maintenance stuff. If you have a charger at home, less time for gas station pit stops.

Or perhaps the upside of wearing crocs or flip-flops or sandals, the ability for you to leave the house without putting on cumbersome socks or having to tie shoes.

Or the upside of just working out with the kettlebell at home. The ultimate streamlined workout without having to leave the house or enter into a gym.