Satisfaction abstract

The Philosophy of Satisfaction

Is satisfaction the goal we truly desire? And once we are “satisfied”— then what?

Always strive and desire more

My thought:

Once we are “satisfied”— then it is time to go to bed and rest.

Is this what we desire?

For example, with sexual satisfaction — once you got it, then what motive do you got to continue? You don’t — you (or at least us men) just go to sleep.

In some ways, sexual constraint is more productive to the artist, boxer, wrestler, fighter, or contestant. To channel the sexual energy into some personally virtuous activity seems to be the goal.

Do you desire to become more satisfied, or less satisfied?

I’m never satisfied, can’t knock my hustle (JAY Z)

Contrary what these philosophers and thinkers say — satisfaction and zen isn’t the goal in itself. Rather, to become MORE difficult to satisfy — this seems to be a better and more positive motivator to life.

More love and zest for life is the goal

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