Our Desire to Make Beautiful Photographs

What do we desire as photographers?

To make beautiful photos.

What is our desire for cameras, lenses and equipment?

To have a certain image quality or aesthetic to the camera, sensor, or image-processing which helps us create beautiful photos.

RICOH GR III (high contrast monochrome, and cross process JPEG) as capable of making beautiful (digital) photographs.

umma epic light

What do we desire out of the aesthetics of our photos? To look and render beautiful.

Shooting film is great, because all the photos that come out (even if technically imperfect) are beautiful! But the tricky thing about shooting film:

Huge inconvenience, hassle, or cost restrictions.

Even given COVID, the future for film is probably going to lie more in terms of self-processing at home. But if you don’t got the time or desire to do so, the question:

What is the best digital camera to render beautiful images?

RICOH GR III as the answer.

Why do we photographers, or artists desire to create beautiful things and images?