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As artists and creatives, what do we truly desire and want/need?


Perhaps what we are hungry for is perpetual creativity.

This means:

From morning to the moment we sleep, we are always full of creative energy, muscular strength, vigor, enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration!

And ideally — we have this creative flow state for the rest of our lives?

Why is doing creative things or ‘being’ creative so enjoyable?

From a physiological perspective, being creative is perhaps the apex human condition. But why?

Some thoughts:

First of all, when you are actively creating something (creating a writing piece, creating a photograph, creating a video, making music, etc) … you are fully-focused on the thing. To be fully focused on something means that you are exercising all of your creative muscles at once, and this gives you this ‘out of body’ (flow) feeling. Perhaps we most love that feeling (the infamous ‘flow state‘).

We feel god-like while we are creating?

When I am actively creating, I feel the most powerful. Perhaps we get addicted and intoxicated by this feeling of creative power?

Fun and a spirit of play

Children love to play. And children don’t need a reason to justify their play. They play for the sake of it– they play because it is fun.

So perhaps when we are actively doing creative things, we have the most fun. And why is creating things so fun?

Fun — when you surprise yourself while you’re doing something active.