GENERATION IRON: Natty 4 Life Natural Bodybuilding Film Review

Generation Iron 4 (Natty 4 Life) is a great film. Highly recommend it. Some quick thoughts:

  1. What does it mean to be ‘health-conscious’? Why be health-conscious?
  2. What role does ‘epigenetics’ play in bodybuilding?
  3. Why does everyone want to get more attention, and get more influence?
  4. Thoughts on longevity vs consistency in body building.
  5. Does it matter how ‘hard’ you work, and why?
  6. What makes a ‘beautiful’ vs ‘ugly’ physique?
  7. ‘Steal Syndrome’: Steroids steal energy away from other organs to increase muscle tissue
  8. Steroids feels like euphoria; but *why* feel euphoria?
  9. Why do men lift weights?
  10. On looking beautiful (all the time) vs looking beautiful ‘for a split second’ (Mike O Hearn?)
  11. Why destroy your hormones just to look good?
  12. Excellence, dedication, spirit, loyalty, integrity (motto of Natural Body Building)
  13. Focusing on what you can control vs what you cannot control.
  14. Body building as self development and self mastery
  15. What is the ‘art form’ of body building?
  16. What makes for beautiful proportions in the human body?
  17. Body building vs Body ‘destroying’
  18. Why grow?
  19. Why do we desire to look like freaks?
  20. What is our natural (physiological) potential?