In Praise of HDR

HDR: high dynamic range. I just discovered RICOH GR III has a very good HDR JPEG setting on the camera, which is actually quite awesome.

Why does HDR get such a bad rap?

If you’re shooting during really harsh sunlight, to use an in-camera HDR jpeg function is great. I found it particularly well when photographing the junkyard or some places with beautiful decay:

Using HDR on very gritty things

Typically the problem with HDR Photography:

It is often *too extreme* as an aesthetic, especially when it comes to photographing humans.

Also, it makes reality *too real*, and too harsh. But …

HDR is just another photo tool. It isn’t good or bad. Just use it when it suits your needs.

HDR seen as for noobs?

The negative bias is this:

HDR is only seen as a thing that newbies in photography use and get very excited about.

But who are we to judge beginners? Shouldn’t we just let them enjoy themselves before we indoctrinate them with all these stupid “rules” in photography?