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The Whitewashing of Society

First of all I don’t believe in “white” people. This makes no sense. I’m actually more pale and more “white” in skin tone than many Caucasian people (the more accurate term for a “white” person) as a Korean.

So when I talk about “white washing”, what do I mean? I mean it is like applying bleach to anything which is saucy, interesting, enjoysome and “racy” and “inappropriate” in life to make it acceptable and “wholesome” to essentially placate over-protective parents, paternalistic members of the elite intelligentsia, and also to placate advertisers.

The Whitewashing of Society


The Whitewashing Of Society

Why is the white washing of society bad?

We humans are just very intelligent beasts. We are natural born predators. In fact, we human beings are the apex predator on planet earth. But in order for society to thrive, society must domesticate and de-fang us raw human beings. Society is just a tool to domesticate individuals.

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Our profoundly “PC” (politically correct) society


I have discovered this ridiculous bias:

Why is it that comedians (often on Netflix) are allowed to make “inappropriate” jokes and we all laugh, but we as private individuals cannot do it “IRL” (in real life?)

Or why do all guys watch porn in private, yet feel it is taboo to talk about porn openly in front of other men?

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