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Google *is* the Internet

Let us not fool and deceive ourselves:

At this point Google *is* the internet.

What does this mean?

Either merge with Google or be left behind.

Google is the creative monopoly

Read “Zero to one” by Peter Thiel. Let us not fool ourselves — Google owns the internet and effectively at this point is the internet. Do you remember back in the days when there was a monopoly of rail road lines, centralized banking, and those who owned the power lines and now those who own the wifi lines? Yeah that’s Google now.

Google abstract

What does Google want?

The quadrillion dollar question:

What does Google want?

Simple: catalogue the whole of all information and make it useful, pragmatic, and utilitarian.

No, Google is not evil.

Google abstract ERIC KIM

Also no, Google doesn’t care what porn you watch in Google Incognito mode (which probably isn’t that incognito). I think the most honest appraisal of Google is this:

Google loves growth for the sake of growth.

And also:

For Google, data and metrics is god.

Google as a middle-man and a path unto “data deification”. Also the bias is to (maybe one day) get rid of the pesky humans, or make humans less pesky and “less destructive” to the environment. I think the bias in a lot of tech companies is:

  1. Make the whole world go vegan or vegetarian
  2. Colonize Mars
  3. The poor people are left behind on a (kind of shitty) Earth
  4. The new elite explore space, colonize Mars etc (the film “Elysium” by Bill Block is one of my favorite renditions of the future).

Let us just look at the nerds who rule the internet, web, and tech.

Let us not be fooled .. all of our new lords are nerds. For example:

  1. Bill Gates: the uber-nerd. Recall how much distaste and aesthetic revulsion Steve Jobs had against him. RIP Steve.
  2. Elon Musk: Take a good look at old photos of him and how nerdy he was, especially before his hair implant.
  3. Jeff Bezos: also a huge nerd. Kind of a weird dude … too obsessed with Star Trek.
  4. Eric Schmidt: this guy is highly suspicious … he stole the helm of Google away from Larry and Sergey. Larry and Sergey are pure and true entrepreneurs. Eric Schmidt is probably the one who made Google more “evil” or certainly more lame.
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