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How to Advertise Yourself

Advertise means to warn, to notify, to steer, and to direct. Adverto in Latin. “Wert-” in Proto Indo European means “to turn, to rotate”.

Therefore if we take the poetic interpretation of this notion of ‘advertising’ perhaps we should see advertising not as just people trying to sell you stuff, but people who are trying to influence, persuade or direct you a certain way.

1. Your name is king.

First of all your name is king. Use your first and last name as much as humanly possible. The more you say your name (‘say my name say my name’) the more others will remember you. And to be forgotten is bad. To be remembered (either for good or bad) is good. The more notorious you are the better.

2. Show your face (video is preferable)


A fact from my workshops:

Everyone who attends my workshops has watched (at least) a lot of my YouTube videos.

Why? Hard to trust someone who you haven’t seen their face, heard their voice etc.

3. Just be honest

If you speak your personal truth and don’t water down your message or thoughts, and tell people that they can ‘take it or leave it’, you are most likely to build trust and influence them!


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